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Weird jobs you'll be surprised to know exist - Business Insider


Jul 10, 2015 ... Those are just a few of the weirdest jobs we found while compiling our list of the most unusual professionals. Keep scrolling to see all 12.

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To compile our 2013 list of unusual jobs that pay surprisingly well, I combed through BLS data and scanned the pages of Odd Jobs: How to Have Fun and Make ...

The most unusual jobs you didn't even know existed | The ...


Nov 21, 2015 ... The most unusual jobs you didn't even know existed ... Other odd roles that are paid well are the Queen's Piper, who plays the bag-pipes below ...

The 15 weirdest jobs in the world - Thrillist


Apr 28, 2014 ... The 15 weirdest jobs in the world ... And that some people get paid good money to do some weird-ass ... The world's weirdest places to drink.

The 10 weirdest jobs you never even knew existed - News.com.au


Dec 3, 2013 ... Well, it probably is compared to some of these odd professions. We've rounded up some of the weirdest and wackiest jobs out there. Some are ...

21 Crazy Jobs Around The World You Won't Believe Actually Exist


Jun 26, 2015 ... Here's a list of 21 such crazy jobs across the globe that you will not believe ... a strange policy where cars with number plates ending in odd and ...

These 7 weird jobs around the world actually exist - Washington Post


Jul 16, 2015 ... So how about these seven surprisingly weird jobs the world has to offer? ... You don't have to dig in other people's trash to find the weirdest job ...

Strange Jobs - Unusual Career Profiles - JobMonkey.com


These are all wacky, odd, unexpected, wild, crazy, unconventional, strange, or just plain weird jobs and careers. They aren't your traditional career choices, but  ...

Unique Jobs - Weird and Odd Job Profiles, Unique Job Board


Odd and interesting jobs are still … jobs. Just because you do something awesome doesn't mean you've become a bum. There's a paycheck coming whether ...

Top 15 Interesting, Unique and Weird Jobs - The Balance


Aug 23, 2016 ... Here are the top 15 most unique, weird and interesting jobs. ... Curious? Read about some of the weirdest and most interesting jobs out there.

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21 Odd Jobs You Have Probably Never Heard Of That Pay A ...


These are some of the most obscure and surprising jobs you'll ever hear about. While some of the occupations may turn people off, others will have them lining ...

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Did you know Horse Exerciser is a job? Or that you can make a living as a Bingo Manager? And even if you have heard of these jobs, chances are you'll be ...

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Apr 2, 2015 ... weird jobs. If you have a passion for gum free tables, theaters, and sidewalks, just know that there are people out there who will hire you! 24 ...