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Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State - Wikipedia


Hillary Clinton served as the 67th United States Secretary of State, under President Barack .... Clinton argued that typical security responses were not tenable: "Is the Secret ..... The episod...

Were Benghazi, Russian reset, Iran nukes successes? - WND.com


Feb 4, 2013 ... WASHINGTON – Newsweek proclaimed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “The Most Powerful Woman in American History” in a cover ...

Emails Show Hillary Clinton OWNS The Iran Nuclear Deal - Breitbart


Feb 28, 2016 ... Emails Show Hillary Clinton OWNS The Iran Nuclear Deal. ... “And so they sat there, as they were having the meeting, with their Blackberries, ... Benghazi ... There is no Russian "Reset",Clinton has long maintained that Russian President Vladimir ... Obama-care is successful, the least uninsured in history.

Articles: Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy Failures - American Thinker


Aug 29, 2014 ... In both the Russia Reset and the Asia Pivot, Obama and Clinton naively .... 2012, Stevens and three others Americans were killed when the Benghazi ... nuclear sanctions and meanwhile expanded Iran's nuclear program.

Hillary in 2010: Our strategy is to strengthen Russia through the "reset"


Mar 6, 2015 ... We were allies in World War II; we were adversaries during the Cold War. ... Well, the Russians have “reset” Crimea, they've “reset” the Donbas in Ukraine, and ... Iran? We know one thing from her record — it won't be the US. ... Name one foreign policy success of obama/Hillary/Kerry, I triple dare anyone.

Clinton's Reckless Reset: 7 Years Later | GOP


Mar 5, 2016 ... Clinton's Russia Reset Policy "Now Lies In Tatters. ... lines to American troops in Afghanistan were all successes that came from the reset. .... Fear The Missiles Could Be Used To Protect Iranian Nuclear Sites From Air Strikes.

Kerry: 'I Don't Know What You Mean by the Reset' With Russia


Mar 2, 2014 ... “The reset in relations that this administration called for,” interjected ... for NATO supplies) and Iran (negotiations over the nuclear program). ... first year in office, neither Georgia nor Ukraine were on his itinerary. ... successes from the reset,” citing Russian cooperation on Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan.

Media Distort Clinton's Record With "Reset" Fixation


Mar 5, 2014 ... Politico's Allen Calls Hillary Clinton "The Face Of The Reset. ... Clinton said the reset with Russia was important but acknowledged that there were ... The START Treaty that continues the reduction of nuclear weapons is in both of ... successful negotiations with Russia and China over the Iran sanctions and ...

Dopes, Doping, and the Russian-Iranian Nuclear Threat


May 19, 2016 ... Dopes, Doping, and the Russian-Iranian Nuclear Threat ... the hammer and sickle, were displayed with pride during the opening ceremony in Russia. ... who lied about Benghazi, is better “prepared” than Trump for the presidency. ... Mrs. Clinton's Russian reset backfired, but Trump is prepared to try it again.

Clinton Collected Russian Cash Before Approving Russian Uranium ...


Apr 23, 2015 ... A new report in the New York Times details how the Clintons were actively soliciting ... raked in millions from the Russian nuclear industry while Hillary was ... Rosatom, the Russian uranium supplier, also struck a deal with Iran late .... was Secretary of State during the Arab Spring and Benghazi massacre.

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Hillary Clinton's Foreign-Policy Performance: The Worst. Ever. | The ...


Jun 2, 2016 ... Iran would dismantle its nascent nuclear program, assist the U.S. stabilize ... Relying on Clinton's assurances, Russia abstained from UN ... were murdered at an American diplomatic compound in Benghazi on ... So much for the reset. ... policy experience (titles) but never her foreign policy successes (none.).

HILLARY'S WARS: Clinton Reset Button with Russia Goes Nuclear ...


Oct 8, 2016 ... Hillary Clinton's reset button with Russia being pressed by Sergei ... Under the agreement, which was expanded in 2006 and 2010, Russia and the U.S. each were to .... Iran's nuclear program and Syria's civil war may seem unconnected, ... Then with that success weighing on Assad's fears empower those ...

Forget Benghazi—Blame Hillary for the Disastrous Russian Reset ...


Apr 26, 2015 ... The three worst, all of which involved Hillary, were the Iranian nuclear deal, the opening to Cuba, and the sprawling death-squid of the Russian ...