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Weregild (also spelled wergild, wergeld, weregeld, etc.), also known as "man price", was a value placed on every being and piece of property in the Salic Code .

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Wergild, also spelled Wergeld, or Weregild, (Old English: “man payment”), in ancient Germanic law, the amount of compensation paid by a person committing an ...

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the value set in Anglo-Saxon and Germanic law upon human life in accordance with rank and paid as compensation to the kindred or lord of a slain person ...

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(in Anglo-Saxon England and other Germanic countries). 2. money paid to the relatives of a murder victim in compensation for loss and to prevent a blood feud.

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Define wergild. wergild synonyms, wergild pronunciation, wergild translation, English dictionary definition of wergild. also wer·gild or were·gild n. In Anglo- Saxon ...

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Another word from this period, which occurs in Beowulf, is “wergild.” Wergild is the value of a man's life, payable to his family by his murderer. The individual ...

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Word Definition. Word: Wergild. We are able to communicate effectively with each other because of the history behind our language and speech. Many of the ...

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Oct 13, 2010 ... By Lisa Yarde In the sixth century, King Ethelbert of Kent established the wergild, or "man-payment", which fixed the amount of compensation a ...

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wer•gild (wûr′gild, wer′-), n. (in Anglo-Saxon England and other Germanic countries). British Terms, World Historymoney paid to the relatives of a murder ...

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The compensation paid for death or injury was called "wergeld" or "wergild" (" man-yield"). The price payable often varied according to the wealth or social status ...

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Q: Who was 'wergild'
A: Weregild (also spelled wergild, wergeld, weregeld, etc. was a value placed on every human being Read More »
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Q: What was the Saxon wergild for an Ealdorman
A: The wergild (also weregild), or "blood money" was the price for killing another person which varied with the person's social standing. The weregild for a freema... Read More »
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Q: What's wergild in beowolf
A: Wergild is the value of a man's life, payable to his family by his murderer in place of execution. Read More »
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Q: How does the poet present wergild in Beowulf?
A: Wergild is one of many forms of a legal tradition that allows a killer to pay money to the family of the person he murdered in order to stave off retribution. I... Read More »
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