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Beluga whales live near the top of the food chain in the Arctic ocean. Belugas, also called white whales because of their white skin, eat small species of fish and crustaceans, suc...

Whales eat plankton, fish, squid, and crustaceans.

Whale meat


Whale meat is the flesh of whales used for consumption by humans or other animals, .... In Norway, whale meat was a cheap and common food until the 80s.

What Do Whales Eat? - Whale Facts


When it comes to survival few things are as important as shelter, rest and food. For marine mammals such as whales food is not only extremely important for their ...

Diet and Eating Habits of Baleen Whales - Sea World


In general, baleen whales feed low on the food chain, primarily eating zooplankton ... crustaceans) and copepods are major components of a right whale's diet.

KILLER WHALES (Orcinus orca) - Diet & Eating Habits - Sea World


Globally, killer whales appear to have an extremely diverse diet. Yet, individual ecotypes or populations are often extremely specialized. In many parts of the ...

Whales: Diet - Enchanted Learning


Whale anatomy. Whales are marine mammals with a varied diet, ranging from large marine mammals to tiny copepods.

What do gray whales eat? - Annenberg Media


Amphipods are a gray whale's favorite food. These tiny shrimp-like animals live in sediment on the ocean floor. Whales also like small creatures called ...

What do Whales Eat? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK


Whales are divided into two suborders — toothed and baleen whales — and each eats very different kinds of food. Toothed whales eat fish, squid, and other ...

What do Killer Whales Eat? - Killer Whale Facts and Information


Killer whales are carnivore marine mammals, so their diet is full of meat gotten by hunting several species in their habitat. Since there are several ecotypes of ...

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Q: What is a blue whale food web.
A: All I know is that most whales eat Krill. Read More »
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