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Whale shark


Diet[edit]. 9.1 m (30 ft) whale shark filtering plankton, in Maldives ... The whale shark is a filter feeder – one of only three known filter feeding ...

Diet and Eating Habits of Baleen Whales - Sea World


Krill (a family of small, shrimplike crustaceans) and copepods are major components of a right whale's diet. Rorquals generally eat larger prey than do right ...

diet of beluga whales - Sea World


Beluga whales are opportunistic feeders. They prey on about 100 different kinds of primarily bottom-dwelling animals. They eat octopus; squid; crabs; snails; ...

What Do Whales Eat? - Whale Facts


Depending on the whales size, social structure, environment, species and type ( baleen or toothed) their diets can change drastically from small aquatic life forms  ...

What do gray whales eat? - Annenberg Learner


Gray whales also gobble plankton, small and microscopic animals floating in the sea. When eating plankton, whales can be seen skim-feeding with their upper ...

HUMPBACK WHALE - Enchanted Learning


Humpbacks have a small dorsal fin toward the flukes. DIET AND BALEEN Humpback whales (like all baleen whales) are seasonal feeders and carnivores that ...

What do Killer Whales Eat? - Killer Whale Facts and Information


Killer whales are carnivore marine mammals, so their diet is full of meat gotten by hunting several species in their habitat. Since there are several ecotypes of ...

Whales: Diet - Enchanted Learning


Whale anatomy. Whales are marine mammals with a varied diet, ranging from large marine mammals to tiny copepods.

Blue Whales, Blue Whale Pictures, Blue Whale Facts - National ...


Blue whales reach these mind-boggling dimensions on a diet composed nearly exclusively of tiny shrimplike animals called krill. During certain times of the year,  ...

Gray whales | Feeding | Habits - Whale Watching Tours | Depoe Bay


Gray whales are opportunistic feeders, which mean they will eat food from a wide range of sources. Along the coast of Depoe Bay, Oregon they mostly feed on ...

Whales eat plankton, fish, squid, and crustaceans.
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KILLER WHALES (Orcinus orca) - Diet & Eating Habits - Sea World


Globally, killer whales appear to have an extremely diverse diet. Yet, individual ecotypes or populations are often extremely specialized. In many parts of the ...

What Do Blue Whales Eat? - Whale Facts


The answer to this question is actually quite simple. Despite being the largest living mammal in the world the blue whales primary diet consists almost ...

What do Whales Eat?


Whales live in every ocean on the planet, and their diet are as unique as each ocean on the planet. Come visit to learn about what whales eat.