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Two ways to tell if you may have a problem with gas in your engine oil are: 1. If you start to smell a strong odor of gasoline while you are driving. 2. You notice ...


May 5, 2017 ... Do you see black smoke out the tailpipe, or a lot of black carbon soot inside the end of the tailpipe? Ask your shop to check the diagnostic codes for an overly rich ... In the old days, gassy smelling oil could me a ruptured fuel pump .... Oreilley to read codes and give you a printout as to what this might mean.


It means you have a leak in the fuel system that is allowing gas into the oil. Either the head ... Whenever your oil smells like gasoline it's very bad for your engine.


when you pull out engine oil dip stick and the faint smell of fuel hits your nostrils, .... It helps mitigate gas sips. ... Do not fret, i don't think the P1349 code has anything to do with the faint smell of petrol you observed in your oil.


However, your right on your guess of the fuel pump, most of the time you can tell ... What happens most of the time is the diaphram in the pump gets ... When you change the oil, let it sit dripping for 2 hours before you put fresh ...

May 28, 2013 ... i have a 1990 chevy tbi and the fuel mix with the oil do i need to ... So if you could please help me out or give me any advice that would mean a lot.  ... It is not slower as it was from the factory, but I have a smell of fuel in my oil. ... that it can simply be a warn pistons and engine, so oil and gas gets mixed..


Hi there, I was recently checking the oil on my niece's car as I do the ... If your using natural oil you may be mistaking it for petrol especially if ...


I'd like to know how many of you guys that have had the foamy gas smelling dipstick issue have had your engines flood. The reason I ask is ...


If you notice gas mixed in with your engine oil, follow these instructions to address a potential leak. ... How do I fix fuel leaking into my engine oil? If your engine ...