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... if you think otherwise. False. My snuggle monkey is my perfect, cuddly dream man! False. I like to think I'm pretty perfect...never mind why I am taking this quiz.


What type of guy is your dream guy? Take this quiz and find out! ... If you were on a date with a guy and it got all awkward what would you want a guy to do to break the tension? A. ... Which Of My Guy Friends Has A Secret Crush On Me?


... in your mind? Take this quiz to find out which type of guy actually suits your personality! ... What would be the ideal gift on Valentine's day from your boyfriend ? A. A necklace ... To fall head over heels in love with the man of my dreams. C.


Aug 20, 2014 ... Can We Tell You What Your Ideal Man Looks Like? Created by Translated by ... Create Your Own Personality Quiz. Anyone can create on ...


Sep 18, 2015 ... What man is part of your master plan? ... What Type Of Guy Is Your Ideal Man? What man is part of your master plan? Posted on September 18, ...


Apr 15, 2010 ... When I find roses on my doorstep with a note to a restaurant. I see him in the corner, in black, his hair dripping into his eyes reading a book with ...


Jan 15, 2012 ... Want to know who your perfect guy is well, do the quiz. ... If you and your boyfriend were at a party what would you do? ONLY hang out with him ...


You want a friend. You want a lover. You don't need a brother -- and you certainly don't need a mother. Take this quiz to find out exactly who your ideal man is.


Based on personality, looks, occupation, and political views. Take this survey! Personality. Your perfect man is: (choose the most important) Looks. Your perfect  ...