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Jun 4, 2013 ... Whats wrong with my budgie! ... How to tame a budgie easily ! ... New born baby budgie (budgerigar, parrot) chick 1 to 30 day growth stages ...

Top 10 Pet Budgie/Parakeet Vet Questions & Answers - Birds


Check out the BirdChannel.com top 10 budgie/parakeet vet answers. ... My pet budgie's/parakeet's nares and cere are crusty. What does that .... What's this?

Caring for Parakeets | ThriftyFun


I had put on here a long time ago how my parakeet Perry loved to unravel string in ... Here's more information about it so you won't worry that something is wrong  ...

Fluffed-Up Budgies & Sick Budgie Look - Budgie Health


What's the prognosis for my budgie if I find it like this? It is important to know that some budgies in this state can be returned to good health; others are perhaps ...

Parakeet FAQ: Frequently Asked parakeet questions


Is there any chance that my bird was caught in the Amazon illegally? Shopping list for ... How do I keep my parakeet from soiling my room? I really want to let him  ...

Why does my budgie not chirp? | ParrotFeather.com


A concern of many budgie owners is that their bird is too quiet and doesn't make chirping noises. This is usually first seen in baby budgies. A newborn bird may ...

Tips for Caring for Your First Pet Budgie (Parakeet) | PetHelpful


Feb 23, 2016 ... My budgie has been a wonderful little pet and I will always be glad that I .... in cage at all so I have let him be as I don't want to upset him what's the best .... Giving them the wrong foods can lead to sickness or death, and I know ...

something's wrong with my parakeet! - Home Forums - GardenWeb


Mar 18, 2007 ... please! help me! my bird, a male blue rare parakeet, has been ... i now know what regugerating is, but whats up with his tail feathers? why are ...

Parakeet | A bird owner's guide to the parakeet


What's wrong? Am I doing something wrong or is it just that he is scared or nervous? reply. Posted by Boomerang on March 26,2013 at 08:54 PM. My parakeet is ...

Me & My Budgie - Budgie FAQ


Mar 10, 1999 ... Budgies are commonly referred to as parakeets but the word parakeet actually describes any small parrot-like bird with a long tail. The term ...

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what's wrong with my parakeet - Parrot and Conure World


my parakeet has started limping and just perching himself on the side of his food dish. he stays mostly at the bottom of his cage when not on the food.

What Causes a Parakeet to Lose Feathers? - Pets


If your parakeet has a bald patch, your first instinct might be to rush him to the vet. ... How to Get My Parakeet to Eat Fresh Fruit & Vegetables When He Only Eats ...

Why is my budgie puffed up? | ParrotFeather.com


A budgie that sits with its feathers puffed up is normal when it is healthy. In truth, there is nothing cuter then seeing a tiny budgie with ruffled feathers on its perch ...