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In descriptive statistics, a box plot or boxplot is a convenient way of graphically depicting ..... Tools. What links here · Related changes · Upload file · Special pages ·...

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Here's a word problem that's perfectly suited for a box and whiskers plot to help ... So, the answer what kind of a graph he should create that might be a little bit ...

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Explains how to construct a simple box-and-whisker plot, and demonstrates the steps. ... and the middle points of the two halves (what I call the "sub-medians").

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Feb 15, 2008 ... The box-and-whisker plot is an exploratory graphic, created by John W. Tukey, used ... The box plot, although very useful, seems to get lost in areas outside of Statistics, but I'm not sure why. .... What do these trends look like?

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Dec 3, 2011 ... This video looks at how to create box and whisker plots and find the interquartile range. It includes two examples.

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Note: A box-and-whisker plot can help you get a better picture of what your data looks like visually. This tutorial shows you the step-by-step process for making a ...

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Mar 24, 2008 ... For a complete lesson on box and whisker plots, go to http://www. ... what if there is 9 numbers instead of 7? what do you do if there is no middle ...

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What is a Line Segment? A math term can really tell you a lot about the thing it's describing. Take the term line segment. A line segment is just part of a line!

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What about that other icon? The first box-and-whisker icon is the modified box plot dealing with outliers. This modified version will not plot points that are 1.5* IQR ...

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The box plot (a.k.a. box and whisker diagram) is a standardized way of displaying the distribution of data based on the five number summary: minimum, first ...

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Box and whisker plots seek to explain data by showing a spread of all the data ... So first of all, let's make sure we understand what this box-and-whisker plot is ...

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When describing a set of data, without listing all of the values, we have seen that we can use measures of location such as the mean and median. It is also ...

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A box and whisker plot is a diagram showing statistical distribution of a data set. This plot ... What if you had to find the median of 2, 4, 4, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15? You find  ...