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You are going to be cutting your own flesh here, and if your utensil is not sufficiently ... As soon as you are ready, take your right arm and turn it palm side up. ... Place the tip of the razor on your forearm, about two thirds of the way from your wrist to your ... Forget what you've seen on TV or in the movies, of people slashi...

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Sep 3, 2013 ... (Self Harm Song) Please Don't Cut (Official Lyrics Video) Original song By MikelWJ. 4:30 ... How to break your wrist in 3 different ways!!:). 3:03.

Did you ever cut your wrist to commit suicide, what was the reason ...


You know dear, when I read this question, I first googled it. There is a loser site which describes ... Or in this girls case, it's a way of easing out emotional pain, or getting relief by punishing yourself. .... which are 15 or 16 if i recall correctly. reason was depression, nervous breakdown, constant harassment while going thr...

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They are often thought to be the most sure way of commiting suicide, and the ... Make three cuts. a) At the transition of your wrist into your hand, right across. b) At  ...

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Since you've waived your rights to any and all legal recourse, any choices you make ... Now that you are properly ashamed, you have one more reason to add to your list. ... Be sure to cut deep enough so that you get all four major blood vessels. ... Anyone can kill themselves by slitting their wrists. .... What a coincidence!

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Jun 1, 2011 ... Tips on sparing you unnecessary pain, making your suicide less gory, and minimizing the ... Man slit his wrists to commit suicide in a bathtub

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May 10, 2016 ... Slitting your wrists is a bloody way to commit suicide, and for the ... by cutting their wrists is because they don't use the right tool for the job.

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So certain techniques will work better for some people than others. ... The more you learn about what's underneath your cutting behavior, the better ... rub an ice cube on your skin instead of cutting it; wear a rubber band around your wrist and  ...

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Mar 14, 2014 ... What to use? ... If you want to cut your wrist, I advise go horizontal, especially not ... Honestly, coming from a relating source, cutting is not the only way to let ... seek counseling/ therapy so you can get back on to the right track.

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Confide in someone; Figure out why you cut; Find new coping techniques ... Unexplained wounds or scars from cuts, bruises, or burns, usually on the wrists, arms, thighs, or chest. ... Some of the ways cutting and self-harming can help include: .... If you can figure out what function your self-injury serves, you can learn other .....

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However, if you slit your wrists vertically, there is no hope of you surviving, as these .... does not allow movies to show the right way to cut your wrists. ... But from what I remember, you could see that the scars on Sarah's arms ...

Is a longitudinal cut along one's wrist more dangerous than a ...


To my mind, both are dangerous. And if a person is interested in which one is going to kill or not ... I heard some guy say that cutting your wrist sideways (left to right) won't kill you. Cutting your wrists ... What are the consequences of cutting your wrist? How does it feel when you .... X-rays are longitudinal or transverse wa...

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Slashing your wrists is to painful . ... THAT HEAT MAKES IT EASIER TO HAVE THE RIGHT MINDSET FOR SUICIDE. .... I also use a razor, I've slit my wrists too.