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Halloween 2015: How Old Is Too Old For Trick-Or-Treating?


Oct 27, 2015 ... While many people believe you're never too old to trick-or-treat, others say it's time to quit in your early teens.

Trick-Or-Treat Age Limit: How Old Is Too Old To Go Door To Door On


Oct 23, 2015 ... While some say people should stop trick-or-treating in their teenage years, others say one is never too old to go door to door.

How Old Is Too Old To Trick Or Treat? - Huffington Post


Oct 29, 2015 ... You should also prepare them for the inevitable comment: “Aren't you too old for trick or treating?” Hopefully you can engage them in ...

Here's When You Should Stop Trick-Or-Treating | FiveThirtyEight


Oct 30, 2015 ... About 57 percent of respondents picked an age between 12 and 15 as the age that kids are too old to trick-or-treat. hickey-datalab-trickortreat-1.

How old is too old to trick or treat? | PennLive.com


Oct 22, 2015 ... I still remember the day I stopped trick or treating. I was about 13 and on the fence about whether to go out or not before deciding (at the urging ...

Poll: How old is too old for trick-or-treating? | WWLP.com


Oct 28, 2015 ... At what age do you think that it is too old for kids to go out in ... (WWLP) — As children prepare to go trick or treating this weekend, some may be ...

Halloween trick or treating: How old is too old? Take our poll (photos ...


Oct 26, 2015 ... These kids, ages 11 to 14, don't feel as if they are too old for trick or treating through a suburb of Johnstown, Pa., in 2013. it's polite to serve ...

How Old is Too Old to Trick-or-Treat At Halloween? | Alpha Mom


Far too old? Really? I didn't think that there was an age limit. I thought desire trumped age. My oldest kids decided to stop trick-or-treating on their own when they ...

How Old is Too Old to Trick or Treat? - Man Repeller


Oct 29, 2015 ... how old is too old to trick or treat: Age is just a number until you're stealing candy from kids.

How Old Is Too Old to Trick-or-Treat? | LDS Living


Halloween was a big deal in my childhood home--in fact, I think my dad liked going trick-or-treating more than us kids did. Thus, when the fated 13th birthday ...

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Halloween for teens: How old is too old to trick or treat? - TODAY.com


Oct 13, 2015 ... As teens and tweens start growing into more responsibility, do they really need to grow out of the childhood tradition of trick-or-treating?

How old is too old to go trick or treating? - Quora


I'm not sure there are any real limits. At some point we get old enough that others have difficulty accepting the activity as a sincere one. This will blunt ...

How Old Is Too Old for Trick-or-Treating? | The California Report ...


Oct 30, 2015 ... My cousin, Justin Cruz, always has the worst luck. He grew out of trick-or-treating in the most painful way possible—in a tight spandex costume ...