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What are some animals without tails? | Reference.com


There are countless animals without tails, and all of them fall under the category of "invertebrates." Invertebrates are animals that don't have backbones (and ...

What are some mammals without tails? | Reference.com


www.reference.com · Pets & Animals ... While most mammals do have tails that feature is not a determining factor in their classification as mammals. Continue ...

Animals With No Tail - HubPages


Nov 1, 2016 ... Taillessness, or "anury" may have a genetic basis, or occur through surgery or accident, or the effect of toxins. Also included are cases where ...

Four Legs But No Tail - Riddles and Brain Teasers


I have four legs but no tail. ... Head, Tail, Brown and No Legs · An Animal of Few Letters · An Iron Horse With A Flaxen Tail · I Live in Water · How Many Legs?

What Kind of Rodent Has No Tail? | Animals - mom.me


While a long tail is something commonly associated with rodents, several species have no tail. Tailless rodents range in size from small to the largest rodent in ...

Why Don't Humans Have Tails? | Wonderopolis


Did you ever WONDER why you have a tailbone but not a tail? ... If you look at all the animals that have tails and the ways they use them, it's clear that tails can and do serve many important purposes. ..... No thanks, continue to Wonderopolis >>

Why The Hare Has No Tail? : African Folk Tales : Fable : Animals ...


African Folk Tales : Fable : Animals Stories : Short Stories. ... Long, long ago the animals had no tails or very small ones. ... "What tail do you want to have?

zoology - What Aquatic Mammal has no Tail? - Biology Stack ...


Jun 22, 2014 ... First thought it was a beaver kit, but it has no tail. ... This is a video I shot of this animal, and it reveals that it definitely is the mountain beaver: ...

Why do many mammals have tails, but not humans. Also, what is its ...


This is by no means an authoritative answer. I have an educated interest in the ... There are other reasons an animal may not have a tail, some of which may be less obvious. The orangutan, for example, is still an arboreal ...

What is this animal that looks like a nutria, but it has no tail? - Quora


I thought nutrias always have tails. Is there another animal that looks ... The tail is definitely under the water. You can tell be the shape of its hind ...

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What animals don't have tails? | Reference.com


Most animals without backbones, known as invertebrates, have no tails. Among these are spiders, most insects and frogs. However, every species of mammal ...

Which animals have no tail - Answers.com


Many animals have no tail. a chimp has no tail. Gorilla's, Chimpanzee's, Toads, Frogs, clam, and Octopus are just a few without tails. a snake humans

Tails | Natural History Magazine


Therefore, there is no tail, just as there can be no head, no mouth, no eyes, no ... The crayfish has a series of five terminal plates which the animal often uses in ...