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A wide variety of animals eat earthworms, including rats, birds, foxes, moles, shrews, snakes, frogs, snails, salamanders, skunks and toads. Some insect species ...

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Medium-sized omnivores (animals that eat animals and plants) also eat earthworms. Pigs and raccoons are two of the most common examples.

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A Worm is an elongated soft-bodied invertebrate animal. ... pest in the British Isles some years back because they eat earthworms which is not good for our soil.

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Jan 19, 2009 ... This reminds me of my three American Toads who LOVE dew worms. Especially one of my males (Bubba) he grabs them the second I drop em' ...

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Most birds don't eat worms. Even birds that you think eat worms don't eat worms. For example ... they migrate when their food of choice isn't available. If their food of choice is available all year, like rabbits or dead animals, they won't migrate.

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Moles are family Talpidae animals who reside in burrows underground. ... Large earthworms are actually what moles generally like to eat the most. Moles ...

What Do Worms Eat?


Worms eat much more than many people think. ... Just like with other animals, frequent reproduction among worms indicates a habitable and even hospitable ...

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Using this technique, known as echolocation, a bat can eat half its body weight in ... a type of marsupial, is also a generalist that preys on insects and worms.

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The staples of the shrew diet are earthworms, arthropods, spiders, wood lice, ... shrews also eat carrion, which is essentially the rotting meat of animals that have  ...

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They both eat grubs, which removes them from your yard, but can also cause a lot ... which also includes earthworms, the grass roots were already weakened by  ...

What Animals Eat Worms?
That wriggly creature dangling from a bird’s beak or off the end of a fish hook is what most people would call a worm. Many other animals also bear that name -- a silkworm is the larva of a moth and a heartworm is a parasitic nematode -- even... More »
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What Animals Eat Worms? | eHow


That wriggly creature dangling from a bird's beak or off the end of a fish hook is what most people would call a worm. Many other animals also bear that name ...

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Eating like a bird means different things to different birds. ... A few species of birds specialize in eating worms, while many other species eat worms occasionally ...

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Sparrow, hen pigeon, squirrel and monkey eat seeds, grains and fruits. Animals that Eat Grains, Seeds and Fruits. Pin It. Animals that eat insects and worms: