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Fauna of Australia


The fauna of Australia consists of a huge variety of animals; some 83% of mammals, .... genera of bats, although 7% of the world's bats species live in Australia.

6 Unique Animals of Australia | Go Ahead Tours travel blog


Apr 1, 2011 ... The furry little marsupials live almost entirely on eucalyptus, a plant that's toxic to most other animals. Koalas have built up special defenses ...

Australian Wildlife


Australia has many species of wildlife, roughly there are in excess of: ... When European explorers first saw these strange hopping animals they asked a ... in southern and eastern Australia and Tasmania, while red kangaroos live on the plains ...

Top 30 deadly animals in Australia - Australian Geographic


Mar 28, 2013 ... Australia is home to some of the deadliest animals in the world. Read our top 30 dangerous critters.

The 10 Most Dangerous Animals in Australia - Hotels


We list the Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals in Australia; including the Box ... Depending on where you live or visit will depend on the level of spiders you'll ...

Native animal fact sheets | NSW Environment & Heritage


Jul 28, 2014 ... Find out about your favourite Australian animals - from wedge-tailed eagles to ... Australia has 56 species of these colourful birds, from tiny budgerigars to ... Three species of flying fox live in NSW, including the grey-headed ...

Australia Zoo Animals and Wildlife


From the frightening and misunderstood to the most cute and cuddly, we love them all. Click here to find out about our amazing wildlife and zoo animals!

Australian fauna | australia.gov.au


Nov 29, 2007 ... This allowed a range of animals to establish successful populations in ... Platypuses live in burrows that they dig into the banks of rivers.

Australia-Plants and Animal Life - English Online


About 200 million years ago Australia was separated from this big continent and animals developed differently from those that live in other places. That is why ...

Australian native plants and animals - Department of the Environment


Exporting specimens (non–live) List of exempt native specimens (LENS) ... Australia boasts an amazing and diverse range of unique animals and plants, and a ...

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Australia's Animals


Australia teems with native animals, many which are found only here. ... Platypuses live in burrows which they dig into the banks of rivers. They are very shy and ...

Australian Animals


Aussie page with pics To see this page with "Thumbnail pics" (like the one on the left) of every animal click here ....... Alphabetical.

Australian Animals List: Native, Endangered, Introduced, Rainforest


The Black Swan lives in the wetlands of south western and eastern Australia. ... is the largest coral reef in the world. Thousands of plants and animals live there.

Australian Animals | Perth Zoo


May 6, 2015 ... Australian Bushwalk Dingo Emu Koala Numbat Quokka Red Kangaroo Red- legged Pademelon Short-beaked Echidna Southern Hairy-nosed ...

Australian Animals - An Outback Australia Travel Guide


Our unique Australian animals: Stories and photos of fascinating wildlife and sometimes dangerous animals in Australia.