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List of atheist philosophers


There have been many philosophers in recorded history who were atheists. This is a list of .... A. C. Grayling (1949–): British philosopher and author of, among others, Against All Gods: Six P...

Why is atheism not a philosophy? - Quora


It's not a study at all. ... But one could form a philosophy around all sorts of thing. .... Does modern atheism directly follow the philosophy of Descartes and the ...

Atheism: An Introduction to Atheism - Secular Web


Some atheists believe in the nonexistence of all Gods; others limit their atheism to ... "So what is the philosophical justification or basis for atheism? ... Even theists follow this rule most of the time; they don't believe in unicorns, even though they ...

What percentage of philosophers believe in God? - io9


Apr 30, 2013 ... Finally, a study has provided an answer to all these questions, and more. ... God: atheism 72.8%; theism 14.6%; other 12.6%. 9. Knowledge ...

Atheism - New World Encyclopedia


In this line of thought, it follows that if theism's arguments can be refuted, ... All this said, it is also true that there are many scientists, Newton and Einstein among them, ... On the other hand, speculative atheism, which involves philosophical ...

50 Top Atheists in the World Today | The Best Schools


Dec 1, 2011 ... We rank the 50 most significant atheists in the world, with photos, a brief biography, ... Though some of his lawsuits have gone all the way to the Supreme Court, so far ... Based in Seattle, Benson is a philosopher, co-author (with Jeremy ..... qualifying his own atheism as follows: “I would say there's reason to ...

New Atheists, The | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


The New Atheists' conclusion that belief in God is unjustified follows, then, from ... an ultimate explanation for all existing improbable complexity and yet cannot ...

Is Philosophy Religion for Atheists?


In a lecture regarding philosophy's interaction with belief and atheism, David Jensen ... “religion tells you the purpose of life, how to live life and what it all means.

Is Atheism a religion? - creation.com


May 4, 2010 ... Atheism can truly be defined as a religion, e.g. because it fulfills the 'seven ... Atheists in this sense are metaphysical naturalists, and as will be shown, they DO follow a religion. ... Almost all religions have stories explaining where the universe ... As atheistic philosopher Michael Ruse admits, “evolution is ...



Atheist philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) declared, and philosophers ... outside the limits of your knowledge, you would have to possess all knowledge.

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Arguments for Atheism - What Is Atheism?


Atheism is generally based on a philosophy of naturalism, which holds that only ... A good proportion (but by no means all) become atheists because religion just ... Indeed, atheists often follow a very similar moral code as religious people, but  ...

Atheism - Wikiquote


It is true, that a little philosophy inclineth man's mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy .... Nor does it follow from hence that spirits are nothing: for they have dimensions ... Translation: All children are born Atheists; they have no idea of God.

Trends of Atheism and Naturalism among Professional Philosophers ...


May 23, 2013 ... Further peculiar is this notion that professional philosophers are all shaking ... As a follow up to that issue, apologists also frequently argue that ...