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In geometry, a polygon /ˈpɒlɪɡɒn/ is traditionally a plane figure that is bounded by a finite ... Polygons are primarily named by prefixes from Greek numbers.

Naming Polygons


For polygons with 3 through 20 sides, simply add "gon" to the prefixes at the left ( although a trigon is more commonly called a triangle and a tetragon, ...

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Feb 17, 2013 ... What's the name for a 248-sided polygon? All polygons are suffixed with -gon . There are specific prefixes for each polygon depending on the ...

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Can you give me a list of names of polygons? ... When naming polygons, for the " numerical" part of the name, we use the Greek prefixes: ... All rights reserved.

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Polygons can have many sides. The name of a polygon is determined by the number of sides it has. The following table includes the prefixes associated with ...

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The list of common polygons includes quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, ... MathsIsFun also has a table of prefixes and suffixes to use in naming polygons.

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As far as naming polygons goes, we usually name them with Greek prefixes (like ... The key is to draw just enough to separate the polygon into all into triangles.

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Dec 10, 2010 ... All other polygons have Greek names. ... the Greek prefix and suffix instead of the mixed Roman/Greek nonagon), the term “nonagon,” which is ...

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Here is a list of common Greek prefixes used in naming polygons and polyhedra. Follow with -gon for a plane figure or with -hedron for a polyhedron. Build up ...

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Since I'm not being hardline about "proper" forms, I'm including all the forms normally ... Latin prefixes are used for some words for polygons, although the Greek ...

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The prefix "tri-"


Triangle: The prefix "tri-" is related to the number three. That is why we call a three-sided polygon a triangle. Other words that ... (not very common). heptad: a ...

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Regular - all angles are equal and all sides are the same length. Regular polygons are both equiangular and equilateral. Equiangular - all angles are equal. Equilateral - all sides are the same ... To construct a name, combine the prefix+suffix ...

Numerical Prefixes


The Greek numerical prefixes are used for naming things like polygons, polyhedra and polynomials:: mono = 1; di = 2; tri = 3; tetra = 4; penta = 5; hexa = 6 ; hepta ...