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Youth gang involvement impacts the health and welfare of the individual, as well as that of his or her family, peers, and community.

How do gangs affect the community? | Reference.com


Gangs have direct effects on a community, such as increased levels of crime, violence and murder. ... What are some good steps to take to stop youth violence ?

Effects of Gang Involvement - Los Angeles Police Department


Non-gang member friends are cast aside and soon the youth's only friends are gang members. Gang membership, although a temporary phase for some youths,  ...

The Consequences of gangs - New Jersey's Online Gang Free ...


Gang membership can severely hurt one's health and future. Gang members may be killed or injured. Many put themselves in danger of disease, prison, and ...

A Gang's Impact on Teenagers | Our Everyday Life


It's not unusual for a teen interested in joining a gang to have a relative who's currently involved with a gang or has been in the past. Some gangs appeal to a ...

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My topic is on the psychological costs of gang violence on the individual and the ... I begin, then, with some of the obvious psychological effects of gang violence.

How gangs impact communities' health | Center for Health Journalism


Feb 19, 2014 ... Some call the area the "gang capital" of the United States, with more than 450 gangs with at least 45.000 active gang members, according to ...

Gangs are good for society | Society | The Guardian


Nov 10, 2011 ... Gangs are an essential part of growing up and becoming a law abiding citizen, but you wouldn't know it from the media, says Caspar Walsh.

Gangs and Children


Some children and adolescents are motivated to join a gang for a sense of ... One of the worst effects of gang membership is the exposure to violence. Gang ...

Youth gang involvement: What are the risk factors?


The increase in gang violence and crime in some Aboriginal communities has ... This gang effect adds to the social and family risk factors that may be present ...

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Negative effects of joining a gang last long after gang membership ...


Mar 13, 2014 ... University of Washington researchers have found that joining a gang in adolescence has significant consequences in adulthood beyond ...

The Impact of Gangs on Communities - National Gang Center


Aug 2, 2006 ... is examined: the impact of gang members' criminal activity, general .... drive-by shootings, and some use of assault weapons. The personal ...

Impact of Gang Violence on Businesses and Communities ...


Apr 11, 2012 ... Many people across the United States understand gang violence or have been victimized by gang violence and activity in their neighborhoods ...