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Mar 20, 2014 ... Here are 31 of the most ridiculous questions that have ever been asked on YahooAnswers. Some of these questions will shock you with how ...


From a question asked at Whole Foods Market ... ready to take on some challenging and oddball interview questions, they should also expect to be asked some ...


Jul 14, 2016 ... Answers. Some of the most ridiculous questions have been documented on various Reddit threads – here's some of the highlights.


101 weird or strange questions to ask people, your friends or someone you know. ... What's the ... If you were a worm, how long would you be? What's the size of ...


Until now. We've found some of the funniest, stupidest, and weirdest Google searches ever conducted. ... We also went ahead and answered the questions for you.


Read Funny and stupid questions to ask people from the story RANDOM!!!!!!! by ... I GOT REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BORED JUST WEIRD FUNNY OR STUPID ... ~~~If you were a genie and a person asked you this wish, "I wish you would not  ...


Weird questions can be funny, but you need to be careful who you are asking because some folks might not find it funny. Anyway, this a good way to catch fu.


These weird questions to ask a girl are a bit off the wall. Nothing too crazy, but most are pretty unusual. And there are definitely some straight up odd questions  ...


Jan 17, 2014 ... Glassdoor published a list of the 25 most bizarre questions. ... shared by job candidates during the past year to pinpoint the downright weirdest ones. ... "If you were a pizza delivery man, how would you benefit from scissors?"


The good news is that hiring managers really are asking questions like this in ... So, take some time to think about the interview questions that you'll actually enjoy ... (Quora); What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?