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Friedrich "Fritz" Pfeffer (30 April 1889 – 20 December 1944) was a German dentist and Jewish ... Pfeffer was given the pseudonym Albert Dussel in Anne's diary, and remains known as such in many editions and ... In the autumn of 1942, he decided to go into hiding and asked Miep Gies about some suitable addresses.


Those hiding could be caught and put in concentration camps. It was really hard to hide since you have to have supplies, so your supply line could get.


The hiding place A diary as a best friend ... There is a lot of tension, probably due to the oppressive nature of the hiding place and their constant fear of ... Margot Frank is called up She has to go to a labour camp in Germany ... Others went into hiding too Resistance fighters, for example, and pilots who had been shot down.


From Monday July 6, 1942 the Frank family goes into hiding. ... In her diary, Anne Frank jots down her first impression of her new roommate: ''...a very nice man”.


In 1942, Frank and her family went into hiding in a secret apartment behind her ... Anne Frank's diary of her family's time in hiding, first published in 1947, has been ... The group lived in constant fear of being discovered and could never go outside. ... While she detailed typical teenage issues such as crushes on boys, ...


Otto and Edith Frank have been arranging a hiding place in the secret annex.


Anne Frank's Diary is not a novel or a tale of the imagination. ... In the few entries which she wrote before the family went into hiding, we discover ... Anne's voice is very contemporary, and many of her thoughts and problems are very ... however, the Nazis were engaged in a systematic attempt to kill off certain sections of the ...


Anne was born on June 12, 1929, three years after her sister, Margot, in the ... becoming, Mr. Frank prepared a refuge where his family could go into hiding, ... Perhaps this early, slight adversity strengthened in Anne a resolve to shine in some way and to ..... and conferences covering a wide range of international problems.


Everything you ever wanted to know about Anne Frank in The Diary of Anne ... We should also consider that some of Anne's changes were because her ... Before she goes into hiding, she has a time-consuming relationship going on .... In the May 3, 1944 entry, we can see that Anne is really thinking about political issues.