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Margot Frank


Margot Betti Frank was the elder daughter of Otto and Edith Frank and the older sister of Anne Frank. Margot's deportation order from the Gestapo hastened the Frank family into hiding. According...

The story of Anne Frank: In hiding - Anne Frank House


Anne Frank Diary Museum Information History Education · The hiding place A ... From Monday July 6, 1942 the Frank family goes into hiding. The hiding place is  ...

Anne Frank's history: the story of Anne Frank - Anne Frank House


Anne Frank: her life story, the diary and the secret annex. ... Not only are they Jewish, the economic crisis causes many problems. They look for a ... They take their family into hiding. ... Back in Amsterdam, he goes to see Miep and Jan Gies.

The story of Anne Frank: Tension and bickering in the secret annex


The hiding place A diary as a best friend. Sometimes, emotions run ... Margot Frank is called up She has to go to a labour camp in Germany. On 5 July 1942, ...

Interview with Miep Gies - Scholastic


What were your feelings about the Franks going into hiding? ... We both read Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary and thought it was great. ... hide. After the war Otto told me (half jokingly) that only Anne's somewhat provocative attitude caused problems. .... What were some of the horrible things the Nazi party did to other people?

Anne Frank and Her Diary: Time Line | World War II Remembered ...


A time line of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who lived and died during the ... wrote about the horrors of war but the everyday problems of being a teenager. ... Anne receives a diary for her 13<sup>th</sup> birthday. ... The family goes into hiding the next day.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Anne Frank in The Diary of Anne ... We should also consider that some of Anne's changes were because her ... Before she goes into hiding, she has a time-consuming relationship going on .... In the May 3, 1944 entry, we can see that Anne is really thinking about political issues.

The Diary of Anne Frank: The First Year - CliffsNotes


Anne's father tells her that at some future date the family will have to go into ... than one month after the diary begins, the family does suddenly have to go into hiding .... gives the group some cause for alarm, but the problem is finally overcome.

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Book Review | Plugged In


From June 1942 to August 1944, Anne Frank kept a diary of her experiences in ... SS (the German defense corps), the entire family decides to go into hiding. ..... a problem for a man to enter a marriage with some previous sexual experience.

The Holocaust in Faces | Anne Frank Diary - World Holocaust Forum


From 1942 till 1944 for 25 months Anne was keeping a diary where she described ... Then a bouquet of roses, some peonies and a potted plant. ... We don't seem to be able to get any closer, and that's the problem. .... Preoccupied by the thought of going into hiding, I stuck the craziest things in the satchel, but I'm not so...

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The story of Anne Frank: Preparing to go into hiding


Anne Frank Diary Museum Information History Education · The German ... The Frank family will go into hiding in an empty section of the company premises.

Anne Frank - World War II - HISTORY.com


In 1942, Frank and her family went into hiding in a secret apartment behind her ... Anne Frank's diary of her family's time in hiding, first published in 1947, has been ... The group lived in constant fear of being discovered and could never go outside. ... him five notebooks and some 300 loose papers containing Anne's writ...

What are some problems of going into hiding in Anne franks diary


Those hiding could be caught and put in concentration camps. It was really hard to hide since you have to have supplies, so your supply line could get you ...