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What Are Some of the Pros & Cons of Informational Interviewing ...


Informational interviews are meetings with professionals who can help you gain knowledge about your career outside the formal parameters of a job interview.

What Are Some of the Pros and Cons of Informational Interviewing ...


An informational interview is a brief meeting where you sit down with someone who is in a field that you'd like to learn more about or works for a company that ...

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Jan 25, 2015 ... When you have met a professional in an informational interview, based on your subject you may be sent to some other professional to clear ...

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Informational Interviewing. An occupational informational interview is used to obtain first-hand impressions of work ... Some of the other differences are you are talking informally; you are ... pros and cons of working in a particular organization .



An informational interview is a tool to learn about jobs, professions and ... An experience professional can provide insight into the pros and cons of a career and help you .... Can you suggest some ways a person could obtain the experience ...

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How, why and when to conduct and informational interview. ... Basically, this is your opportunity to get the "inside story" - the pros/cons, ... While there are some similarities in format, there is a world of difference in its goal and purpose.

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... and consider the potential pros and cons of a particular profession or industry. ... If you've already done informational interviews, you may already have some ...

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The term 'informational interview' is just another name for a conversation you have with someone else to learn more ... You can hear about pros and cons to ... After several interviews, you'll also have enough data points to draw some ...

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Pros & Cons of Interviewing. 1) Direct feedback from respondent You are assured that the responses are from the person intended. 2) Opportunity to probe.

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Oct 22, 2012 ... An informational interview is when a person interested in pursuing a ... about typical daily responsibilities, the pros and cons of being in the field, work ... is a lot more involved than just showing up and asking some questions.

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