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Sybil is a 1973 book by Flora Rheta Schreiber about the treatment of Sybil Dorsett for ... Wilbur encouraged Sybil's various selves to communicate and reveal information about her life. Wilbur w...

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Sep 4, 2011 ... Sybil, the main personality; Vicky--the personality who knew all the others and represented Sybil's confidence; spoke with a French accent ...

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May 7, 2013 ... Many interviews with Mason's various personalities were taped. ... Sybil's sixteen personalities had not popped up spontaneously but were ...

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She seems to have experienced 16 separate personalities, two of whom were male. It was the horrific child abuse Sybil's psychotic mother inflicted on her, along with ... From the data above it is clear that the personality can have many different ...

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Oct 23, 2008 ... Sybil: A woman with 16 multiple personalities. ... At the age of 3 and a half, Sybil's mind rebelled against the torture; she tried to hide ... discovered 16 different personalities and the reason for all the personalities to emerge.

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Oct 20, 2011 ... Mason later admitted she had faked her multiple personalities. ... Sybil: The True Story of a Woman Possessed by 16 Separate Personalities.

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Apr 30, 2013 ... a few clips of some of the 16 personalities that Sybil had.

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Dec 7, 2011 ... Author Flora Schreiber and Sybil's psychiatrist, Dr. Cornelia Wilbur, ... she started smashing windows, and split into another personality, into a little girl. ... with the therapist, she developed many other personalities, a total of 16.

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Apr 4, 2013 ... Scenes from one of my favorite movies 1977 Sybil starring Sally Field.

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In all, Sybil displayed 16 different identities. Sybil's case became one of the most famous examples of multiple personality disorder after a book about her ...