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Laskar Jihad (Indonesian: Warriors of Jihad), was an Islamist and anti-Christian Indonesian ... The primary cause for the creation of Laskar Jihad was the outbreak of sectarian violence in the Indon...

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The radical Muslim group Laskar Jihad cited cacao disputes as the cause of both an October 2001 conflict at Betalemba-Tabalo, and of more extensive attacks ...

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These three major active groups are the Laskar Jihad (the Jihad Paramilitary. Force), the Laskar ... its members willing to martyr themselves for the cause of God.

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Apr 28, 2002 ... The militant Muslim group Laskar Jihad has been linked to attacks on Christians in the Moluccas since fighting erupted there in 1999.

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Internal Conflict in Indonesia: Causes, Symptoms and Sustainable Resolution ..... The presence of the Laskar Jihad in the province is now considered the ...

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and North Maluku of Laskar Jihad (“Warriors of the Holy Strug- gle”) from Java in ... Finally, due to the combined effect of the severe economic crisis that began in.

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Tracing and understanding the causes of radicalism are important steps to ... Some of those are Front Pembela Islam (FPI), Laskar Jihad Ahlussunanah wal ...

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The IDF ran protection rackets in Jakarta, while Laskar Jihad has directed its ..... essential in the war on terrorism and will be a common cause for Asia. Jan.

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The CRC applies seven key concepts to conflict analysis and treatment: Framing and ... The Islamic militia, Laskar Jihad, travelled to Maluku ostensibly to render ...

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causes. all of these competed with claims made in the name of islam. against ... 5 Noorhaidi Hasan, Laskar Jihad: Islam, Militancy, and the Quest for Identity in ...

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Laskar Jihad and the group's determination to wage jihad in Ambon that .... for the causes of Islamic resurgence and with it an insight into the forces driving.

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5 days ago ... Laskar Jihad ('Holy war fighters') is Indonesia's most notoriously militant sect. Its parent body, Forum Komunikasi Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah ...

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May 2, 2000 ... existence of Laskar Jihad cannot be dissociated from Saudi Arabia's ...... demonstrated signs of vitality in the last two decades, currents of ...