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Sep 17, 2016 ... WebMD describes tonsillitis, including its symptoms, causes, treatments, and what to expect if surgery is necessary. ... At the back of your throat, two masses of tissue called tonsils act as filters, ... Some people need to take a second course of antibiotics to cure the infection. ... Recommended for You.


Feb 6, 2014 ... Pain on one side of the throat and troubling swallowing could all be signs you need your tonsils out. Find out why some adults may benefit from ...


Feb 15, 2010 ... Tonsillectomy is one of the most common surgeries performed on children, but sometimes adults need to have their tonsils removed, too.


Your doctor may also recommend removing your tonsils if you have ... Tonsils that are infected can cause abscesses to appear at the back of the throat.


Sometimes tonsils need to be removed, but how is it done? ... The trouble is that sometimes germs like to hang out there, where they cause infections. ... You don't need your tonsils, so a kid's body keeps on working just fine even after they've ...

May 13, 2013 ... Solina says her 5-year-old son "is always coming down with a sore throat," and she wants to know if getting his tonsils removed would help.


Dec 30, 2015 ... Tonsillitis a contagious infection with symptoms like sore throat, fever, pain with swallowing, headache, runny nose, ... Some people may need to have their tonsils removed surgically. ... What symptoms did you experience with tonsillitis? ... What home remedies help soothe your tonsillitis symptoms?


At times, they become more of a liability than an asset and may even cause ... You should see your doctor when you or your child experiences the common ... Removal of the tonsils (tonsillectomy) and/or adenoids (adenoidectomy) may ... Any questions or concerns you have should be discussed openly with your surgeon.


Sep 15, 2016 ... Tonsillitis symptoms may include abdominal pain, headache, bad breath, runny nose, ... Medical studies have shown that children who have their tonsils and adenoids removed suffer no loss in their ... Did you have recurrent infections? ... Please share your experience with tonsillitis or adenoid infection.