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Saturn is a gas giant because it is predominantly composed of hydrogen and helium ('gas'). It lacks a definite surface, ...

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What makes Saturn huge is its atmosphere. Although it has a surface, it is not as solid as other planets. Saturn's surface is so dense that the gravit.

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Nov 17, 2014 ... Learn about the physical characteristics of Saturn and its famous rings, ... gaseous near the planet's surface and merges with its atmosphere.

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Saturn is the second most massive planet, and also the second largest in size. It is a Gas Giant planet with a rotational period of 10-11 hours (depending on ...

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It is only slightly smaller than Jupiter in diameter, but is much smaller in mass. Saturn is made up of mostly hydrogen with some helium. The surface of Saturn is  ...

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(Because Saturn has no solid surface, it's impossible to measure its rotation by tracking surface features like mountains or canyons.) But the craft found that the ...

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The frozen surface of Titan has liquid methane lakes and a landscape which ... A unique feature of Saturn is that it is the least dense planet in the Solar System.

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Astronomical and Physical Characteristics of Saturn Saturn's orbit lies ... landed on Saturn's moon Titan in 2005 and returned photographs of its surface.

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It is made up mostly of gas, including hydrogen, helium and methane. It doesn't have a solid surface. Saturn has clouds stripes and storms like Jupiter, but they ...

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Saturn, sixth planet from the Sun, is the most remote of the planets that were known to premodern astronomers. Saturn is a gas giant with no solid surface; it is  ...

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Jan 23, 2009 ... The density and temperature changes the deeper into the planet you go, but Saturn can't be said to have a solid surface. If you tried to walk on ...

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Nov 14, 2012 ... The gas giant is mostly atmosphere; it lacks a solid surface. ... Saturn boasts some unique features in its atmosphere. When the Voyager ...

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The surface of Saturn bears many similarities with the surface of Jupiter, but the color contrast is generally less. This is thought to be due to Saturn being colder ...