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A werewolf, also known as a lycanthrope is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creature, ...

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First,you will learn about the enemy, to kill the beast you must know the beast. Secondly, you will learn their weaknesses. Thirdly, you will learn to exploit their ...

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Nov 27, 2015 ... A werewolf (also known as lycanthrope or wolfman) in folklore is a person who .... Werewolves have several described weaknesses, the most ...

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Weaknesses. Silver - Piercing a werewolf through the heart with silver will kill it. Vamptonite - Edgar said that vamptonite would kill ...

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Weaknesses. Vampires are often portrayed as sensitive to sunlight and garlic. They are also vulnerable to holy objects such as ...

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Aug 13, 2006 ... Most modern references agree that a werewolf can be killed if shot by a silver bullet, although this is more a reflection of fiction's influence than ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The weaknesses mentioned here are unique to werewolves. Other methods of death such as being cut in half or having one's skull crushed ...

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Werewolves, also known as Lycanthropes, are a race of partially-human supernatural ... Silver - A werewolf's only known weakness is their vulnerability to silver, ...

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There is a book called "Beast's clothes" which will teach a lot about werewolves and the weaknesses they have. The book will add a beastiary ...

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Jan 29, 2012 ... Aside from just the idea that it has to be "something" (maybe lead, steel, whatever ), what is it about silver that makes it so special that it can kill a ...

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Q: What are a werewolf's weakness?
A: I can tell you this: NOT silver bullets. Those would kill anybody, and that was made up by us werewolves ourselves so that farmers and poor people didn't even h... Read More »
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Q: What are Werewolves weakness?
A: In the book Twilight, Vampire venom will kill them. Not transform them, just kill them. Read More »
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Q: What are Werewolves weakness?
A: Werewolves don't have any weaknesses because werewolves are not real. Only a real living entity can have weaknesses. Werewolves are imaginary beings. Werewolves... Read More »
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Q: What is a werewolfs weakness?
A: Lycanthropes, werwolves, traditionally have few weaknesses. They are averse to wofsbane; it repells them to some extent. They can only be harmed by silver. Ther... Read More »
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Q: What is a werewolf demon's weakness?
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