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Criminal law is distinctive for the uniquely serious potential consequences or sanctions for failure to abide by its rules.

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In the US, the main purposes of criminal laws are to keep order in society ... In general, punishment has four main purposes in the US criminal justice system.



Jan 18, 2014 ... Since the time of ancient civilizations, criminal laws have been distinctive for ... DETERRENCE– The objective of deterrence has two sub-parts.

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Specific and General Deterrence. Deterrence prevents future crime by frightening the defendant or the public. The two types of deterrence are specificPrevents ...

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same thing would be true even if the dominant purpose of the criminal law were thought to be the ... the point of view of each of the major agencies of decision.

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I) Purpose of Criminal Law ... D) Crimes are punished based on two factors ... 3) Criminal law has become almost completely statutory – judge interprets the ...

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o Specific Deterrence – Criminal must see consequences of crime .... Type of Felony Required – must be serious – two different standards. • For 1st. Degree ...

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Mar 17, 2008 ... 'The central purpose of the Criminal Justice System is to deliver an efficient, ... A rather different note was struck by Jack Straw in his first major speech as Lord ... They go on to argue that the 'enforcement of the criminal law...

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The primary purpose or function of the criminal law is to ..... federal government responded by bringing the four officers to trial for violating King's civil right.

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There are two types of criminal laws: misdemeanors and felonies. A misdemeanor is an offense that is considered a lower level criminal offense, such as minor ...

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sidered under the third of the purposes of criminal law in Part III below. The advantages .... The trial judge imposed four year sentences with a mini- mum term of ...

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Oct 25, 2012 ... People who break the law are punished. Criminal penalties range from a small fine or community service to the death penalty. Why are ...

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Purpose of Criminal Law - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (. pdf), ... PURPOSE OF CRIMINAL LAW In general, punishment has four main ...