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Australian residential architectural styles have evolved significantly over time, from the early ... For many years, Australian homes were built with little understanding of the Australian climate a...

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In the southern and western states of Australia older homes are made of stone, whereas modern ones are brick. These may appear sturdier to foreigners as they  ...

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A photo of a house's interior stone wall, a material which is durable and low ... blocks used in modern Australian house construction the most common are made ...

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Mar 21, 2015 ... Why is wood extensively used for Construction of houses in Australia given the ozone crisis? Why not adopt alternative methods like ...

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Scyon™ walls are designed for timber frame construction. The vast majority of Australian brick homes have a timber frame structure. The bricks act as a cladding.

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It depends which city, or more precisely which climate, it also depends on how close you are to ... Aussie houses will come off as cheaply made, but bigger and better equipped. Lack of double glazing and insulation will be a shock.

Australian houses are just glorified tents in winter


Jun 11, 2015 ... Even in balmy Australia, cold weather claims more lives than hot weather. ... For most Victorian homes built before 2005, spending less than ...

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Many of the large houses of the landed gentry were built by convicts from ... roof and verandah that was ideally suited to the weather and lifestyle in Australia.

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Historic houses range from some of the earliest colonial buildings, both private and public, many of them built and sometimes owned by convicts, or by the ...

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Jan 13, 2016 ... Distinctive Australian architecture is also recognisable in the rural icons ... The Round House in Fremantle, built in 1831 as a gaol, was the first ...