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Adnan Farhan Abd Al Latif


Immediately after his imprisonment, Latif and Guantanamo prisoners ... Late in 2005, Guantanamo detainee habeas corpus rights were again restricted and ...



multi-service TACTICS, TECHNIQUES, AND procedures for Detainee .... Capture and Combat Operations (Initial Detainment) ..... Search detainees for weapons and ammunition, items of intelligence value, and other inappropriate items. ..... ( 11) Immediately after in-processing Military Police/Security Forces detainee escort ...

EPW! Detainee Guide

www1.umn.edu/humanrts/OathBetrayed/DOD 6233-6312.pdf

After thorough search, person must he allowed to ... TAG ensure all items found on detainee are recorded and placed in the same hag, along with a capture tag. ... An EPVJ is a non~comhata at, and you are obligated to protect. him from the ...

And, yes, I DO take it personally: Detainee Processing Technique


May 4, 2012 ... And, yes, I DO take it personally: Detainee Processing Technique ... Upon capture, Soldiers must process detainees using the “search, ... Neutralize a detainee and confiscate weapons, personal items, and items of potential intelligence and/or evidentiary value. ... coming soon to a neighborhood near you .

intelligence detainees b2a2337 student handouts - Training ...

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(EPW's) and other detainees (OD) in the custody of United. States (US) Armed ... You are required to treat any prisoner in your custody in ... Search. Immediately upon capture, the EPWs are disarmed, secured, and searched for concealed ... after the search. ... items have no military intelligence value and will not help an ...

MP3211 Detainee Policy, Procedures, and Operations


LESSON 1: Detainee Operations, Command and Staff Roles and Responsibilities ..... Those responsible for conducting detainee operations, from initial capture to interrogation ..... Conducting a search of the detainee before and after every movement from one ..... During your search, you discover items and property on the.

A Detainee Describes More C.I.A. Torture - The New York Times


Jun 5, 2015 ... Soon after his capture, Mr. Khan said, interrogators waterboarded him twice, a contention that contradicts the Central Intelligence Agency's ...

The Road to Abu Ghraib: US Army Detainee ... - The Air University


Foreword. The US Army's experience with detainee operations spans the period from the .... the Combat Studies Institute (CSI) after an absence of 16 years, a list of ... tion” into any Internet search engine and you can easily find all four. Geneva ..... Soviet prisoners who were not killed upon capture later died in staggering.

Your Conduct in Combat under the Law of War, FM 27-2


and detainees-deals with the laws that govern when a prisoner is .... You can fulfill your military mission to search, segregate, ... whom you capture or detain in combat. Remember that ... CAPTIVES. After you have secured. silenced, and ... items. Theft is a violation of the laws of war and US law. Stealing private property will.

Archived—Part III (Report): Findings and Analysis—Board of Inquiry ...


The circumstances of the capture of each Detainee differed substantially: ... found an individual nearby some items that could be used in the construction ... Detainee 1, after being taken into custody by ANSF, was brought to the SM at ... Normally you would leave once you had the opportunity, but he decided to come back.

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191-377-4254 - Search a Detainee (ArmyStudyGuide.com)


Standards: Search and restrain the detainee sequentially according to the ... contraband and items of intelligence value, and prepare DD Form 2745 and DA ... you may need or be required to document the circumstances of capture on a .... Is It True My Uncharacterized Discharge Will Convert to Honorable After Six Months?



S2 Guide for Handling Detainees, Captured Enemy Documents, and Captured ... Information from these items is time sensitive, and these information sources need to ... SEARCH. D-8. The capturing unit's first job is to disarm, search, and maintain ... the combat zone should be effected within the minimum time after capture.

JP 3-63, Detainee Operations - Defense Technical Information Center


Nov 13, 2014 ... unprivileged belligerent, detainee, and detainee operations. • Removes discussion ..... Covers capture and initial detention and screening of detainees .... After a detainee is assigned to a facility, expect a continuing .... parties to the conflict, exclusively engaged in the search for, or the collection, transport, o...

FMI 3-07.22 Appendix I Planning for Detainee Operations and Field ...


Processing begins when US forces capture or detain an individual. ... Search, Search each captive for weapons and ammunition, items of intelligence value, and other inappropriate ... Maintain a strict chain of custody for all items taken from the detainee. Ensure that a receipt is obtained for any items you release to anyone.

06-17 Detainee Ops.vp


How the Army conducts detainee operations, from the initial capture to internment , directly ... Instruction includes Soldier actions at the point of capture (search techniques, ... If you have any comments, suggestions, or requests for information , you may .... Always transport the detainee with the confiscated items to ensure.