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What Are the Most Common Endangered Animals?
Endangered species are those that are at immediate risk of extinction. Many factors can endanger plants and animals, such as pollution, habitat loss, the introduction of other species, and unlawful exploitation. According to the Endangered Species Act,... More »
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The world's 100 most threatened species - Wikipedia, the free ...'s_100_most_threatened_species

The World's 100 most threatened species is a compilation of the most threatened animals, ... it more and more common to have to justify funding for protection of species by showing what the .......

Ten Most Endangered Animals - About Wildlife

A list of the world's ten most endangered animals, including ivory-billed woodpecker, Amur leopard, Javan rhinoceros, bamboo lemur, right whale, mountain ...

Top 10 most endangered species in the world - Telegraph

Jan 4, 2010 ... Top 10 most endangered species in the world ... per cent of their original range, which has decreased by 40 percent over the past ten years.

25 Most Endangered Species on Earth - List25

Mar 21, 2013 ... ... and habitat contraction these are the 25 most endangered species on ... the rarest animals in the Sahara Desert is the Addax, also known as ...

Species List | Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Animals ...

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Top 10 Most Endangered Species in the World - TheRichest

May 27, 2013 ... Here are the world's top ten most endangered species: ... Being the second rarest known primate in the world, there is an estimated 302-408 ...

Endangered Species That Might Not Exist Next Year | Care2 Healthy ...

May 15, 2014 ... Check out our roundup of ten endangered species: 1. AMUR LEOPARD. Amur Leopard in the Colchester Zoo, Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Most Endangered Animals

Though there are several laws in place to protect the gorilla, the condition is still quite precarious for rainforest animals like the gorilla, one of the most popular ...

15 Most Endangered Species on Earth - Conserve Energy Future

Here we will take a look some of the most endangered species out there. ... and illegal hunting are perhaps the two most common reasons this turtle is extinct.

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Q: What Is the Most Endangered Animal in the World?
A: The number of giant pandas alive in the wild is estimated to be between 1,600 on the high end and 700 on the low end. The destruction of bamboo forests in China... Read More »
Q: What commonly eaten animals are the closest to being endangered?
A: The Atlantic Blue-fin Tuna is up there, designated endangered in 2011. eng/sct. Read More »
Q: What is the most endangered animal in Australia?
A: The most critically endangered animal in Australia is. Gilbert's potoroo. The Gilbert's potoroo is found only within a 1000 hectare range within Mount Gardner h... Read More »
Q: What is China's most endangered animal?
A: Panda bear. Read More »
Q: What is the most endangered animal in?
A: NOAA has issued a regulation to protect North Atlantic right whales. There are Read More »