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Willard Mitt Romney (born March 12, 1947), better known as Mitt Romney, is an American .... In a June 1970 newspaper profile of children of cabinet members, Mitt said that U.S. involvement in the wa...

Mitt Romney sons: The unofficial guide | The 5 sons that don't smoke ...


Anyone paying attention to the upcoming political race for president (update 11/6/ 2012 : election won by Obama – 51.1% vs 47.2% for Romney) (update ...

Romney's Children - 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates


2012 Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's Children. ... I don't see any of Mitt Romney's sons taking any such risk in the name of patriotism and love of country.

The Romney Sons: A Guide - BuzzFeed


Jan 4, 2012 ... (L-R) Craig, his wife Mary, Mitt, Ann, Ben, his wife Andelynne, Tagg's wife Jennifer, Tagg ... -David Kochel's favorite of the Romney sons

Oops! Mitt Romney welcomes his second 22nd grandchild as the ...


Sep 20, 2013 ... Mitt Romney welcomes 22nd grandchild... or is that 23rd? Former ... Aside from the young boy's name, the former presidential candidate ... The adopted baby Kieran is being held by Andelynne, who is married to Mitt's son Ben.

PRESENTING: The Amazing Lives Of The Romney Boys


Jul 9, 2012 ... With their Kennedy-esque cavorting around the Romney family compound on New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee, Mitt Romney's five ...

What's wrong with Mitt Romney's children? | New Republic


Jun 30, 2016 ... “I got an email from one of my sons yesterday that said, 'You've got to get in, ... Add these to names such as Mike McKenna, head of Trump's ...

Which Romney Son Is Creepiest? - Gawker


Oct 18, 2012 ... After Tuesday night's debate, a photograph of Mitt Romey's son Josh sitting in the audience with a bloodcurdling stare quickly went viral.

Questions About Romney's Sons and Military Service - The New ...


Aug 8, 2007 ... Mitt Romney's response to a question about his sons' lack of military ... poops are slandering and abusing the Romneys behind fake names, ...

2 New Grandchildren for Romney, With Help of Surrogate - The New ...


May 4, 2012 ... Mitt Romney's oldest son, Tagg, on Friday announced the birth of twin sons with the help of a surrogate. The newest members of the Romney ...

Mitt Romney has 5 children: Taggart (Tagg) (1970), Matthew (1971), Joshua (1975), Benjamin (1978), and Craig (1981)
Parents: Lenore Romney (née LaFount) and George W. Romney
Siblings: has 3 older siblings: Margo Lynn, Jane LaFount, and G. Scott
Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts from 2003 until 2007, and was the Republican nominee for president of the United States in 2012. Mitt Romney is a successful businessman with a political pedigree: his father, George Romney, was the governor of Mi... More>>
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Tagg Romney | Mitt Romney sons: The unofficial guide


Tagg Romney, born Taggart, is the most recognized of all the Mitt Romney ...

Mitt and Ann Romney's sons - ABC News


May 10, 2012 ... Who are the five Romney boys? Here's the ABC News guide to the Romney sons .

Mitt Romney Sons - Romney Son Profiles & Photos


Dec 10, 2012 ... Profiles and quotes from the sons of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, a family born to become America's next DC dynasty.