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Cleopatra VII Philopator known to history simply as Cleopatra, was the last active pharaoh of ..... Cleopatra was also renowned for her intellect. Plutarch writes that she could speak at least nine ...

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Depending on the historical source, Cleopatra spoke anywhere between five to nine languages, which included her native Greek, classic Egyptian and multiple ...

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Plutarch made this claim about Cleopatra in his Life of Anthony: "There was sweetness also in the tones of her voice; and her tongue, like an instrument of many ...

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Cleopatra's dynasty was Macedonian in origin and part of the wider Greek- speaking world. .... What were the nine languages that Cleopatra spoke? Why was ...

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Mar 28, 2008 ... All these languages must have been heard on the streets of Alexandria in Cleopatra's day. .... March 29, 2008 at 9:13 pm ... extinct by the 3rd century BC or so, so I'm not surprised Cleopatra's predecessors no longer spoke it.

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EgyptianGreekLatinSyrianArabicHebrewEthiopianPersianAramaicSome revision is necessary here. Cleopatra did not speak Latin.

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Cleopatra is best known for her relations with leading Romans, Julius Caesar and Mark ... in the family of the Ptolemies of Egypt to have learned to speak the local tongue. She is said to have also spoken: Greek (native language), the languages of the Medes, Parthians, ... 9 Movies That Horrifyingly Killed People In Real Life.

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She spoke at least five (and possibly nine) languages yet could not speak Latin! She seems to have been a highly competent administrator and the Egyptian ...

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Aug 28, 2011 ... Cleopatra?s life, infamous love life, and death have been covered by ... She was a quick-witted woman who was fluent in nine languages, ...

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Apr 20, 2009 ... Cleopatra spoke nine languages and was a philosopher and poet, Martinez says; So was Marc Antony's lover beautiful or plain or ugly?