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Integers are compared almost in the same way as whole numbers, but with addition of some rules. Steps for comparing integers: If we compare numbers wi.


Guidance on how to order and compare positive and negative integers along with links to related worksheets.


compare and order integers. Compare Integers. Replace the with < or > to make a true sentence. 1 12 -4. Graph 12 and -4 on a number line. Then compare. 9 10.


Ordering integers - A tutorial to learn maths in simple and easy steps along with word problems, worksheets, quizes and their solutions and explanation.


Sal puts 7/3, -5/2, 0, -2, -12/4, -3.25 in order from least to greatest. ... Formatting tips. Rational numbers are numbers that can be expressed as a division of two integers. Rational itself ..... Two, two steps, two whole numbers to the left of zero.



Rule: The sum of two negative integers is a negative integer. Example 1: ... The result from Step 2 takes the sign of the integer with the greater absolute value.


Add integers; Subtract integers; Apply addition and subtraction of integers to a ... Step 2: Five negative counters are added to the three positive counters. Step 3: ...


Be careful in steps 3 and 4! Multiplication does not always come before division, nor does addition always come before subtraction! For example, in 8−3 (−4) 2+4  ...