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Fuel injection


Fuel injection is the introduction of fuel in an internal combustion engine, most commonly ... Modern digital electronic fuel injection systems optimize these competing ... a separate mechanical cho...

Fuel Injection Basics – Auto Repair Help


There are two basic types of fuel injection systems used on passenger cars and light ... most vehicles today are equipped with multiport fuel injection systems. ... Fuel delivery requirements for the engine are met by controlling the amount of ...

Know About the Two Basic Types of Fuel Pumps - EzineArticles.com


Jun 28, 2012 ... In this article, we will discuss about the two basic types and the advantages of one over the other. ... They are used in passenger vehicles. ... Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems is the leading aftermarket supplier of mechanical and ...

Chapter 5 Diesel Fuel Systems - Seabee Online


Understand the different types of diesel fuel systems, how the components ... 24:1 for passenger vehicles. ... diesel fuel varies with the type of engine in which it is used. .... is a device that senses engine speed and load, and changes fuel delivery .... In mechanical centrifugal flyweight governors (Figure 5-3), two forces  ...

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Automobile Propulsion Systems Reciprocating Internal-Combustion Engines The ... piston-type internal-combustion engine, mounted in the front of the vehicle; ... Although passenger vehicles are usually gasoline fueled, diesel engines (which ... An alternative-fuel vehicle (AFV) is a dedicated flexible-fuel vehicle (one with a  ...

eFI fuel systems


Nov 3, 2014 ... system. There are basically two ways that the fuel (petrol) enters the cylinder: injection into the intake manifold .... the accelerator pedal of the vehicle and this controls the .... 1 The fuel supply line, also called delivery line, which ... Figure 13.15 Rotary-type electric fuel pump used with an EFI system FORD.

Types of Fuel Cells | Department of Energy


There are several types of fuel cells currently under development, each with its ... Learn more about polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, direct methanol ... of each fuel cell type, or find information about fuel cell system R&D targets and status. ... Hydrogen Production · Hydrogen Delivery · Hydrogen Storage ·...

Guide to Find Ford Air Intake & Fuel Delivery Parts | eBay


With the two available types of air intake parts on the market it is imperative that ... Fuel delivery systems provide vehicles with improved performance including ...

Spaceport Visioning - NASA - KSC Science Home Page


Fully loaded with cargo and fuel, Argus weighs from 600,000 to 1 million pounds. ... ing a passenger module into the payload bay to transport six passengers. Argus .... The Star Tram launch system uses two basic types of launch vehicles. One is a .... It is assumed that payload delivery to space will be accom- plished on an ...

Reforming the Automobile Fuel Economy Standards Program - NHTSA


Definitional Changes to the Current Vehicle Classification System ... The regulations accordingly attempt to define vehicles by the type of use to which they ... All but two members of the NAS committee concluded: "the downweighting and ... The difference between the fuel economy standards for passenger cars and light ...

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What are the different types of fuel injection? - Ask.cars.com


Aug 5, 2008 ... The earliest and simplest type of fuel injection, single-point simply replaces the carburetor with one or two fuel-injector nozzles in the throttle body, which is ... right outside its intake port, which is why the system is sometimes ...

Modern Fuel Delivery Systems - Know Your Parts


Modern fuel delivery systems have evolved from their most basic predecessors. ... Many modern vehicles have an inertia switch to turn off the fuel pump in the event of an ... There are two types of pressure regulators: dual-line, and single- line.

Fuel Injection System Components - DieselNet


Some fuel systems, such as those based on a distributor type pump, ... can be returned to the tank or fuel filter to improve the vehicle's low temperature operability. .... the fuel from the low pressure fuel system delivery pressure to the maximum ... From this perspective, there are two basic types of injector nozzles: throttling...