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The largest organisms found on Earth can be determined according to various aspects of an ... Among animals, the largest species are all marine mammals, specifically whales. The blue .... musculus),...

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Apr 4, 2012 ... There's an incredibly detailed list of some of the world's largest organisms ... tons (200 short tons) or more in weight, it is the largest known animal to have ever existed. ... The documented diving records for the seals are nearly two hours for the ... The largest bat species is the Giant golden-crowned flying...

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Most people believe that the largest animals to ever exist on Earth were the ... Land animals have to support their own weight, whereas sea creatures get some  ...

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Nov 29, 2014 ... These are some of the largest animal species ever. ... The fossil of the largest snake to have ever lived was discovered in a ... in weight, it is the largest and heaviest animal species to have ever .... It never cases to amaze me that out of all the creatures that ever lived on earth, the largest one ever lives now.

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List of 10 heaviest animals in the world, Heaviest land animal, largest animals in ... On average, an adult male Kodiak bear has a height up to 10 ft. and weigh between .... African elephants have two finger like part on their edge of the trunk where Asian ... Blue whale is the largest known species of animal ever lived on Earth.

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Jan 17, 2016 ... A new species of titanosaur discovered in Argentina is the largest animal ever to walk the ... How do you have sex when you weigh 70 tons?

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Apr 22, 2014 ... But the sad truth is that two factors might keep sauropods from winning out over the whales. ... Nothing more of Amphicoelias has ever been found. ... While an estimated weight of 45 tons for Supersaurus sounds like a ... The blue whale is the largest animal alive on Earth today, although the exact maximum ...

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Well, the largest Animals that ever lived is something that we've been ... 44 meters in length (145ft) in length and would have been 220 tonnes in weight. .... The largest species of Rhino alive today is the White Rhinoceros. .... Two of the largest Baleen Whales are the Bowhead Whale, and the North Pacific Right Whale.

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Of the five biggest animals on earth, all are mammals, four are herbivores, one is ... on the planet, it's also believed to be the largest creature to have ever lived on Earth, ... half a ton, or as much as a pickup truck—and a fully grown hippo can weigh up to 4 tons. ... Five rhinoceros species exist: two in Africa and three in A...

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When people think about the largest animals that ever lived, dinosaurs are often the ... animal ever recorded still lives today, although it is on the endangered species list. ... that would have dwarfed today's largest land animal, the African elephant, ... of popular websites, and she is also the author of two urban fantasy novel...

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Mar 4, 2013 ... 25 Most Brutal Torture Techniques Ever Devised in History ... So get ready because these are the 25 largest animals on Earth. ... standing at up to 15 feet in height this was at one point the tallest elephant species in the world.

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The biggest animals on earth by size, weight, height and length. ... Some may think the biggest animal is the heaviest, others the longest, or the tallest. ... Find out what elephants have in common with cetaceans, magpies, humans and other  ...

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Feb 4, 2009 ... The biggest snake that ever lived (that we know about) was a massive ... her colleagues unveiled two new species of giant penguins from fossils ... The prehistoric shark may have grown to lengths of over 50 feet (16 ..... The largest animal ever was not a dinosaur, in fact it's still alive today, the blue whale.