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What horse breed is best for you? - AllTheTests.com


Jul 15, 2008 ... Your dream horse is... ANYTHING JUST GET ME A HORSE! One that I can ride. Majestic horse that is easy to ride and good for showing.

What horse breed is right for you? - GoToQuiz.com


Choosing a horse is hard, and finding a good quiz is harder! This quiz may help you narrow your choices down to a few categories/breeds. ... It'll get me! 7.

Which Horse Breed Best Fits Your Personality?, a SelectSmart.com ...


Take this test to determine which breed of horse best fits your personality. It's kind of long, but bear with me! If you're a horse person, I think you'll enjoy the ...

What Breed Of Horse Will You Own? - ProProfs Quiz


This is a quiz to see what breed of horse you will own. ... C. I am good at it. D. I can only hold small hooves for the amount of time it takes me to clean them, ...

What breed of horse is right for you? 100% truth ! - Quiz | Quotev


Feb 20, 2011 ... If you are looking for a horse take this quiz first! its 100% right and will help you find your dream horse!

What Horse Breed Matchs You? - ProProfs Quiz


This quiz is to find out what horse breed would suit you if you were a horse. Are you fast ... Omg those r the best horses ... B. Ignores it heh more grass for me.

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YOur owner fills the water trough up with water and all the horses in the paddock run to get a drink you ... YOu try to listen to your rider and give the best preformance ... he/she is so big compared to me that i gat squished when he/she rides me!

HelloQuizzy.com: Horse breed personality test


Diffrent breeds of horses have been breed for thousands of years to do specific jobs and can have diffrent levels of energy and ... Lets see what kind of horse breed is most like your personality :) ... We're not holding any contest right now.

Which Breed Would You Choose? Game - Play Fun Trivia Quiz


They have four choices and they arent sure which horse would be best for them. I will tell you what they want from their horse. Good Luck. - trivia quiz game.

Horses - which breed is best for me? | Pets4Homes


If you're asking the question then the chances are you've never owned a horse before. And considering which breed to choose is a good place to begin the q...

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Q: What breed of horse is right for me?
A: 1. Skewbald isn't a breed. 2. Knowing how to ride isn't justification for owning a horse. Can you muck & strip a stall? Identify signs or illness / lameness? Pi... Read More »
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Q: What horse breed is right for me?
A: if i was you i would get a thoroughbred. they are beautiful horses, sleek coat and very fast. they are also good all rounder horses for English style riding. Yo... Read More »
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Q: What breed of dog is right for me?
A: You can get a Shih Tzu. They're very cuddly, friendly, loyal, intelligent and playful. Source(s) I am a dog owner and a dog lover at heart and have trained my o... Read More »
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Q: What breed of dog is right for me?
A: Hi! You may want to find out your perfect dog match by taking the short quiz below. The goal here is to help you figure out what type of dog best suits you and ... Read More »
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Q: What breed is right for me?
A: This is an easy question. get a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, preferably from a rescue centre, they will, in time, repay you thousandfold with love, loyalty and f... Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com