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Jul 15, 2008 ... A lot of people have trouble picking a breed of horse to buy, and ... A Horse, What are those other two? .... Which horse breed is right for me?

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Choosing a horse is hard, and finding a good quiz is harder! This quiz may help you narrow your choices down to a few categories/breeds. ... It'll get me! 7.

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This selector determines your best Horse Breed Selector match.

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Take this test to determine which breed of horse best fits your personality. It's kind of long, but bear with me! If you're a horse person, I think you'll enjoy the ...

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This is a quiz to see what breed of horse you will own. This isn't entirely correct. ... I can only hold small hooves for the amount of time it takes me to clean them,. 6. What discipline do ... What breed do you like the best? A. Saddlebred. B. Paint.

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If you want to compete right away it would be appropriate to look for a horse that is already showing in the type of competition you want to enter. Does breed ...

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Not as a general rule, with the exception of well bred Quarter horses and some ... The vet can determine if the horse is sound for riding, only, not the right size horse ... Cricket shared with me in another email that she mainly deals with Quarter ...

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The best horse breeds for beginners are even-tempered and forgiving. They learn quickly, respond promptly to commands and do not spook easily.

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Find out waht you would be if you converted your personality to a horse breed! ... buck wink wink mares YOu try to listen to your rider and give the best preformance ... he/she is so big compared to me that i gat squished when he/she rides me!

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Diffrent breeds of horses have been breed for thousands of years to do specific jobs and can have diffrent levels of energy and ... Lets see what kind of horse breed is most like your personality :) ... We're not holding any contest right now.