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Jun 28, 2011 ... You can add real meat up to 10% of her diet (after that, you'll need to ... I put my cats on a fully raw diet that she gained enough weight to make ...


Sep 22, 2016 ... Switching your cat's food out of nowhere can cause her to avoid eating. ... In these cases, knowing how to make your cat gain weight can be as ...


Improving the Quality of Your Cat's Diet ... can buy raw food at pet stores, online, or make at home.


Encouraging weight gain can be hard -- cats will do as they please -- but there are tricks you can use to get things ... Help her get with the program. ... If Kitty's not happy about the switch, add a bit of tuna or fish oil to the food to make it yummier.


... she just won't eat. If your cat is thin, some simple diet changes could change her from . ... They may make your cat feel full, but they won't help her gain weight.


Sneaking a few extra calories into his meals helps him gain weight over time. ... ... Changing the temperature of his food can make it seem more enticing.


What dietary changes do you need to make if he is diagnosed with a chronic ... Although many older cats are put on a lower-protein diet , there really isn't any ...

May 27, 2015 ... How to Help a Cat Gain Weight. Part of the series: Cat Behavior & Care. A cat's diet should be nutritious, with plenty of protein, and it's important ...


My elderly cat is small (about 5 lbs) and doesn't have much weight to lose. We visited ... Any canned food will be better for her than a dry diet. What kind ... Warming the food slightly will make it more palatable. You can ... He did not gain weight, but this helped maintain his weight, and he perked up. Rate this ...


What can we feed our cat to help him gain weight? ... Smelled like holy hell, but she liked it drizzled over her food. .... too much makes my cats put on weight, and that the cats like it more than the standard Hills adult cat food.