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Anxiety, Irritability & Mood Swings | Women in Balance Institute


If you're like most midlife women your moods fluctuate and it doesn't take much to make you anxious. ... Solutions: What you can do to ease your symptoms.

Bipolar Mood Swings, Stabilizers, Triggers, and Mania - WebMD


The mood swings of bipolar disorder can be profoundly destructive. ... The best way to avoid these mood episodes is to get treatment for bipolar disorder.

House Call Doctor : 8 Causes and Treatments of Mood Swings ...


Sep 21, 2011 ... Get your mojo back! Learn the 8 top causes of mood swings and 8 ways to treat them.

The Top 5 Herbs for Controlling Mood Swings - Global Healing Center


Aug 21, 2012 ... Mood swings and emotional distress can be serious. ... Used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng is a stimulating herb known ...

Mood Swings: Check Your Symptoms and Signs - MedicineNet


Jul 21, 2014 ... Learn about diseases and conditions that can cause mood swings, and learn about the medications used in treatment. Common causes of ...

Treatments for Mood Swings | 34-menopause-symptoms.com


Mood Swings Treatments. Learn about different treatment options are there for mood swings during menopause.

Mood Swings in Perimenopause: It's Not About Control - Healthline


Jun 28, 2013 ... Magnolia Miller sheds some insight into the cause of mood swings in perimenopause. ... and stripped me of all self-control and freedom of will in the matter. ... Magnolia is dedicated to empowering women to take responsibility ...

Ten Ways To Ease Painful Mood Swings Without Taking Pills - Forbes


Nov 29, 2012 ... Millions of Americans take pills to temper their mood swings. In 2011 drug makers sold $11 billion worth of antidepressants; antipsychotics (to ...

9 Ways to Even Out Menopause Mood Swings - Menopause Center ...


Dec 21, 2011 ... Here are nine ways to deal with the mood swings that often ... normal change-of- life emotions, these nine tips may help you take control of both ...

PMS Emotions: Mood Swings During Period | Everyday Health


Feb 17, 2010 ... Severe PMS can cause mood swings and other emotional changes. ... Instead, find relief through certain lifestyle changes and medications.

What Can You Take for Mood Swings?
When mood swings reach a level where treatment is required, you have the choice to take over the counter medications or to see a physician and get a prescription. The type of medication used in treatment varies based on what is causing the mood swings.... More »
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Hormones Changes, Mood Swings, and Physical Effects - WebMD


WebMD asked several top experts for advice on how women can take control and feel better fast. See how you can escape the horror hormones cause.

Natural Relief For PMS Symptoms | Women to Women


Natural relief for PMS symptoms: the Women to Women approach. Several women ... much,” when she asked about her monthly mood swings related to PMS.

All-Natural Cures for Your Mood Swings | The Dr. Oz Show


Feb 10, 2012 ... Don't let mood swings hijack your healthful lifestyle. ... black, white and green teas, that helps you think more clearly and cope better with stress.