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Wet-tail or proliferative ileitis, is a disease of hamsters. It is caused by stress usually caused by being transported to a pet shop or to a new home. Even with treatment, the animal can die within...

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Jun 24, 2015 ... What we call "wet tail" can actually have several different causes, but the result is ... More watery foods can encourage diarrhea, so removing fruits and ... If the hamster is very unwell, the vet may give antibiotics by injection to ensure he gets the correct dose. .... Is my Syrian hamster susceptible to we...

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However, it is a stress-related disease, which means you can prevent wet tail ... As mentioned above – if you can prevent your hamster from getting stressed then you have a ... Avoid foods that contain a lot of water as they could make the diarrhoea .... I've been on holidays the last 2 weeks and when I got home I noticed my ....

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If you suspect that your hamster has wet tail, you must schedule a veterinary ... that you can take to ensure that your hamster absolutely will not develop wet tail.

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Aug 29, 2009 ... This video contains the early and late symtoms of wet tail that the Hamsteriffic U ... to let me reply to anything, PLEASE INBOX ME if you have something you really want to me to hear. ... Is something wrong with my hamster?

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Diarrhoea can be treated whereas if left for any length of time wet tail is fatal to ... any feeding equipment like bowls or water containers if your hamster has wet tail. .... My hamster is currently suffering from wet tail and what i'm trying is diluted ...

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Wet Tail is a bacterial infection or an imbalance of the natural bacteria that affects Syrian hamsters and can be fatal so early veterinary treatment is vital. ... if you have used any over-the-counter product that you inform your vet when you ... from dehydration rather than from Wet Tail itself, or they simply refuse to eat or drink.

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Wet Tail in Syrian Hamsters ... (Dwarf hamsters do not get wet tail but the can suffer from diahrroea.) ... How do I treat my Hamster? If you notice that your hamster has Wet-tail, you should take it to the vet immediately for a medical diagnosis and ...

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A hamster with diarrhea will often have a wet tail. ... When a hamster has a serious case, the tapeworms can cause inflammation and blockage of ... if they eat their bedding and their intestines get blocked, or if a portion of the intestine folds ..... This summer, I've had a lot of time to reflect on the past two years of my veter...

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In order to treat wet tail you need to know your hamster has wet tail, and not just ... For example, your hamster may eat some fresh fruit or veggies that have ... If you are unable to take your hamster to an exotics vet you can try giving him wet tail ...

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If you fear one of your hamsters has a case of wet tail disease, you need to ... To treat a sick hamster at home using medication drops, you can choose to .... I think my hamster have wet tail…… his bottom is wet and also he hardly eat and drink.

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Dec 27, 2008 ... I'm unable to take my hamster to the vet because I cannot afford it. ... Once your hamster has wet tail, the important steps are to keep your ... The best things to do if you can't get a vet. ... Her eyes are very crusty, and she really can't open one she also sleeps day and night and I haven't seen her ...

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A Hamster with Wet tail, a hamster that has diarrhea is often referred to as having wet tail. ... There are many instances when a hamster may get an upset tummy that can cause loose ... Just like humans they can eat foods or too much of a particular food that can upset their ... Can my new hamster catch wettail from the cage?