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Shyness (also called diffidence) is the feeling of apprehension, lack of comfort, or awkwardness especially when a person is around other people. This commonly occurs in new situations or with unfam...

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Apr 6, 2010 ... Study Sheds Light on What Makes People Shy ... The trait can be seen in some children who are "slow to warm up" in a situation but eventually ...

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Jun 9, 2014 ... Below, find nine things shy people know to be true. ... This habit often makes shy people great listeners, and as a result, more considerate ...

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For him, being friendly and outgoing is natural, energizing, and fun. ... When people feel shy, they might hesitate to say or do something because they're feeling ...

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A look at the real reason people feel shy and how to overcome it. ... Many experiences in your life shape you and some cause you to be shy and introverted .

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A - At the individual level shyness is a bad thing. In the sense that it will never be usefull to be ... What makes me think being shy is something you can unlearn :.

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Many people who want to overcome shyness either don't have an idea about what ... This brings us to a list of problems that could be the direct cause of shyness. ... confidence can force the brain to try to protect the person by making him shy.

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Feb 26, 2015 ... If someone is comfortable being shy and their life is moving forward in a way they ... What sorts of issues and symptoms might shyness cause?

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Jun 16, 2008 ... When people find out that I know something about shyness, invariably, the first ... The principal reason you cannot be born shy is that shyness is ...

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When you are shy, it feels like being trapped in a glass box. You can hear and see other people talking to each other. But sometimes… sometimes… you just ...