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According to, the Stamp Act of 1765 was an attempt on the part of Great Britain's Parliament to reduce the country's national debt, which had grown from £72,289,673 t...

Stamp Act 1765

American newspapers reacted to the Stamp Act with anger and predictions of the .... men whose behaviour on many occasions has caused the blood of those ...

A Summary of the 1765 Stamp Act : The Colonial Williamsburg ...

The Stamp Act was passed by the British Parliament on March 22, 1765. The new tax was imposed on all American colonists and required them to pay a tax on ...

Parliament repeals the Stamp Act - Mar 18, 1766 -

The Stamp Act was passed on March 22, 1765, leading to an uproar in the colonies over an issue that was to be a major cause of the Revolution: taxation ...

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The Stamp Act was Parliament's first serious attempt to assert governmental authority over the colonies. Great Britain was faced with a massive national debt  ...

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Nov 3, 2010 ... Best Answer: The Stamp Act was imposed on the colonies for England to get much needed money. Items could only be sold withe a Tax stamp ...

American Revolution: The Stamp Act of 1765 - Military History

The Stamp Act of 1765 was passed by Parliament to raise money to pay for British ... Taxing paper products, the Stamp Act was violently opposed by the colonists ... Liberty or Death: Causes of the American Revolution · Timeline of the Events ...

American Revolution for Kids: The Stamp Act - Ducksters

Kids learn about the The Stamp Act. A tax the Britain placed on the American colonies eventually leading the ... Causes of the American Revolution · Stamp Act

Causes of the American Revolution: The Stamp Act Crisis

Students identify and interpret the multiple causes and effects of historical events. .... In 1765 Parliament passed the Stamp Act as a further measure to raise ...

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Q: What caused The Stamp Act?
A: Great Britain needed money to pay its debts from waging the Seven Years War with France. Since on offshoot of this war was the French and Indian War in North Am... Read More »
Q: What causes the stamp act?
A: the people had to pay taxes and they were sick of it so the sons and daughters of liberty started to boycott and make their own things ,seriously look in your s... Read More »
Q: What caused the stamp act in 1767?
A: The British Empire needed more funds to militarily defend their colonies and they preferred Americans to pay for that. Read More »
Q: What caused the meeting of the stamp act congress?
A: The Stamp Act Congress met with representatives from several U.S. c... Read More »
Q: What are the causes and effects of the stamp act?
A: You will get better answers in another part of Questions. Mostly, it was one of the causes of the American Revolution. Not a lot to do with earth science. Read More »