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According to WebMD, as of 2014, the cause of most canker sores is unknown. However, their appearance is linked to several factors, including eating acidic fruits and vegetables as ...

Canker Sore
A canker sore is a mouth ulcer or sore that is open and painful. The most common sign is a burning or tingling in an area of your mouth that the red sore appears. More »
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Aphthous stomatitis


The informal term canker sores is also used, mainly in North America, although this may also refer to any mouth ulcer. The cause is not completely understood, ...

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Canker sores appear in the mouth and can be painful. Learn from the experts at WebMD about causes, symptoms, and treatment.

The development of a canker sore is often one of the first signs that indicate the need for a denture reline or adjustment by your dentist or denturist Orthodontic brackets , bands , and various other orthodontic attachments will often cause canker sores to develop in a... More »
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The precise cause of canker sores remains unclear, though researchers suspect that a combination of factors contributes to outbreaks, even in the same person.

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Jan 29, 2016 ... A canker sore, or aphthous ulcer is a mouth ulcer or sore that's open and painful. They're the most common type of mouth ulcer.

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Scientists don't know what causes canker sores. Most believe that there is a problem with the body's immune system. Emotional stress, menstruation or injury to ...

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Aug 4, 2015 ... Learn about canker sore home remedies, causes (tomatoes, toothpaste), symptoms, treatment and prevention of canker sores (mouth or ...

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Learn about canker sores (small painful sores on the inside of the mouth) causes like spicy foods, vitamin deficiencies, stress, autoimmune disorders, and ...

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Q: What Causes Canker Sores?
A: We know. what canker sores are. but the exact cause is still unknown. Women statistically suffer from canker sores more often than men. Canker sores are typical... Read More »
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Q: What causes canker sores ?
A: Canker sores are a common form of mouth ulcer. They occur in women more often than men. They may occur at any age, but usually first appear between the ages of ... Read More »
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Q: What causes Canker sores?
A: Causes of Canker sores: see causes of Canker sores What are Read More »
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Q: What Causes Canker Sores?
A: No one really knows what causes canker sores. But researchers think stress may make a person more likely to get one. A canker sore also may spring up if a perso... Read More »
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Q: What Causes Canker Sores?
A: From genetics to serious diseases, canker sores may develop for many reasons. When you know the cause of your canker sore outbreaks, treating these painful mout... Read More »
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