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A dream is successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occurs ... During a full eight-hour night sleep, most dreams occur in the typical two hours of REM. .... The film versi...

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Jul 31, 2015 ... What are dreams and why do we have them? MNT examines the recent theories behind dreaming, investigates the most common content of ...

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Jul 22, 2010 ... What do your strange dreams mean? WebMD looks at the reasons you might be experiencing crazy, vivid dreams. Whether it's falling off a cliff ...

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Some people remember vivid dreams; some swear they cannot remember dreaming at all. Some dream in black and white; most people dream in color.

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It began with a swim in the ocean. Suddenly Jessica realized that she had gone much farther away from shore than she expected and, to her great dismay, there  ...

Causes of dreams - people who have lots of dreams


The causes of dreams examined in depth - people who have long dreams and many dreams.

6 Things Your Dreams Can Tell You About Your Health


Mar 27, 2013 ... Bipolar disorder is known to cause vivid or bizarre dreams in some people, according to WebMD. And a study of Vietnam veterans found that ...

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Ever wondered why we dream? Find out what causes dreams and how to understand them from our Uncommon Knowledge article.

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Oct 14, 2013 ... This condition causes very violent, disturbing dreams - such as being chased or attacked - and causes the dreamer to lash or kick out, ...

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Nightmares — like most dreams — occur during the stage of sleep when the brain is very active and sorting through experiences .... What Causes Night Terrors?

The questions, "Why do we dream?" or "What is the function of dreaming?" are easy to ask but very difficult to answer. The most honest answer is that we do not yet know the function or functions of dreaming.
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Dreams: Why We Dream, Lucid Dreaming, Nightmares, Common ...


WebMD talks about dreams: what makes us dream, if dreams mean anything, what ... But most vivid dreams occur during deep, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, .... Loss: Its Causes and Treatment · Toenail Fungus · Living With Alzheimer's ...

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REM sleep is where the most vivid and frequent dreams happen. ... For now, dreams remain a mostly unsolved mystery of sleep. ... What causes nightmares?

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Dec 2, 2011 ... Like sleep, dreams are mysterious phenomena. ... As if nightmares weren't bad enough, a rare sleep disorder causes people to act out their ...