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Common causes for laughter are sensations of joy and humor; however, other situations may cause laughter as well. A general theory ...

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Surprisingly, most laughter isn't about humor, says Robert Provine, professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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Jul 16, 2014 ... So why does it make us laugh? ... especially by targeting sensitive areas like the armpits and stomach; and knismesis, which is caused by light ...

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Laughter and humor go hand-in-hand. Have you ever wondered just what a laugh is? Learn about laughter and what causes laughter in this article.

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Nervous laughter is the result of a psychological defense mechanism that people use to tell themselves that what they see is not as threatening as it appears.

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Sep 10, 2013 ... You know what's funny? Why people laugh. Hank talks about the science of laughter: what makes us laugh, what purpose it serves, and even ...

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Jun 5, 2012 ... All humans laugh, and laughter always involves a similar pattern of ... what about the cause, that is, the reason why we laugh in the first place?

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So the researchers used the endorphins' pain relief to determine if laughter causes an endorphin release. They first tested participants for their pain threshold, ...

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... may not be universal. Bachorowski predicts that cultural influences may affect what CAUSES people to laugh, but it probably does not change how we laugh.

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On the other hand, there are a some people with brain damage that MAY cause uncontrollable, abnormal laughter. Also, there is a type of epilepsy with gelastic ...

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Mar 27, 2006 ... Laughter is more complicated -- and bizarre -- than you might think. ... "Most laughter is not in response to jokes or humor," says Robert R. Provine, ..... Loss: Its Causes and Treatment · Myths and Facts About Prostate Cancer ...

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Sep 18, 2009 ... Dear Reader,. The technical term for the physiological study of laughter is the not -so-funny-sounding word, gelotology. Human laughter may ...

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Nov 1, 2000 ... Most people think of laughter as a simple response to comedy, or a .... generator, a neural circuit that causes us in turn to produce laughter.