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Loose Stool - What Causes It? What Should I Do? - Verywell


Apr 27, 2016 ... A common characteristic of diarrhea, loose stools may have a number of causes. For instance, the passage of loose stools often signals a ...

What Causes Loose Stools in Adults? | LIVESTRONG.COM


Nov 2, 2013 ... The colon normally absorbs the majority of water in fecal material, leaving soft, solid stool. Dietary intake, infections and digestive disorders can ...

Common Causes


Jan 9, 2016 ... An excess of alcohol, especially beer and wine, may cause loose stools the next day. The best test is to stop alcohol completely and see if the ...

Foul-Smelling Stools: Causes, Signs, and Prevention - Healthline


Apr 14, 2016 ... The foods you eat and the bacteria in your colon often cause foul-smelling stools, but sometimes it's a symptom of a serious condition.

The Scoop on Poop - The Doctors


Can straining during bowel movements cause premature labor? ... Diarrhea, or loose, watery stool, is the body's way of clearing viruses, bacteria or toxins from ...

Toddler's Diarrhoea, Loose Stools in Children | Patient


Toddler's diarrhoea is a common cause of chronic (persistent) diarrhoea in young children. It mainly affects children between the ages of 1 and 5 years. Loose ...

Acute Diarrhoea in Adults. Loose Stools Treatment | Patient


This leaflet deals with Acute Diarrhoea in Adults and loose Stools Treatment. ... Gut disorders that cause persistent (chronic) diarrhoea may be mistaken for ...

Loose Stools: What's your Body Telling You? « Purpose LLC


I am delighted you asked this question because diarrhea or loose stools can indeed be a symptom of something severe. However, in your case, it is of note to  ...

Chronic diarrhea in adults - UpToDate


Dec 6, 2013 ... Chronic diarrhea is defined as loose stools that last for at least four weeks. ... Treatment is aimed at correcting the cause of diarrhea (whenever.

5 Ways Your Poop Can Advise You on Health - Live Science


Oct 12, 2012 ... Poop can say a lot about a person's health. ... such as Pepto-Bismol, or eating black licorice or blueberries also may cause black stools. ... Diarrhea happens when loose, watery stools pass through your bowels too quickly.

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Diarrhea: Why It Happens and How To Treat It - WebMD


Learn more from WebMD about the causes, symptoms, complications, and ... When you have diarrhea, your bowel movements (stools) are loose and watery.

How to evaluate stools with Bristol stool chart - Gut Sense


It's bound to cause extreme straining during elimination, and most likely to cause anal ... Type 6 = loose stool, subnormal, or suboptimal, and type 7 = diarrhea.

What You See in the Toilet Says Something About Your Health


Feb 14, 2013 ... If your stool is on the softer side, short of diarrhea ("soft serve," as some call it), .... Common Causes of INCREASED Bowel Frequency/Diarrhea.