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Nightmares are dreams that are scary or disturbing. They cause anxiety and fear, even after you wake up. People of all ages have nightmares, but they are more common in children. Nightmares usually begin before age 10, and girls are more likely to be troubled by them. Except in the case of post-traumatic stress disorder,... More »
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Nightmare disorder


Causesedit]. Nightmares can be caused by extreme pressure or irritation if no other mental disorder is discovered. The death of a loved ...

Adult Nightmares: Causes and Treatments - WebMD


Nightmares aren't just for children. Find out from WebMD what causes adults to have bad dreams, which can lead to sleep deprivation, physical illness, and ...

A Bad Dream Is More Than Just A Dream: The Science Of Nightmares


Mar 31, 2015 ... Moreover, sleep disorders including sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome can cause people to experience chronic, recurrent nightmares.

Nightmare disorder Causes - Mayo Clinic


Aug 9, 2014 ... Nightmares are only considered a disorder if disturbing dreams cause you distress or keep you from getting enough sleep. Nightmares can be ...

What Causes Nightmares? | Mental Floss


Aug 22, 2013 ... When you're waking up from a nightmare, your first question might be, “Was that a bagel chasing me through my house with a sledgehammer?

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Isolated nightmares are normal, but when dreams resulting in extreme terror or ... The pons sends signals that shut off neurons in the spinal cord, causing ...

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Nightmares are considered a sleeping disorder when they occur frequently enough that they disrupt sleep on a regular basis, and may cause the subject further ...

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Although nightmares are more common among children, adults have them too, with women more likely to be affected. Adult nightmares may be caused by ...

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You may also feel anxious and scared when you wake up from a nightmare and be unable to fall back to sleep. Sleep loss can cause you to have even more ...

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Q: What causes nightmares ?
A: Anxiety and stress are the most common causes of nightmares. A major life event occurs before the nightmare in most cases. Other causes of nightmares include: I... Read More »
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Q: What causes Nightmares ?
A: Nightmares usually begin before age 10 and are most often considered a normal part of childhood. They tend to be more common in girls than boys. Nightmares may ... Read More »
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Q: What causes nightmares.
A: Common Causes. anxiety or stress are the most common cause: a major life event precedes the onset of nightmares in 60% of cases. illness with a fever. death of ... Read More »
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Q: What Causes Nightmares?
A: Exactly how or why nightmares occur is not known. However, being too tired , not getting enough sleep, having an irregular routine for sleep, and having stress ... Read More »
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Q: What causes Nightmares?
A: There are a number of reasons why children have nightmares. Mostly, they are a normal part of growing up and they reflect the difficulties, problems and fears t... Read More »
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