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Common Cold Facts: Causes, Viruses, Prevention, Kids and Colds ...


You can also catch it if you're near someone who is sick and sneezes into the air. ... that needs to get busted: Getting chilly or wet doesn't cause you to get sick.

Why am I Always Sick? - Healthline


People who don't get enough sleep each night are more likely to get sick. ... it can make you sick and cause inflammation and problems elsewhere in your body.

Why People Get Sick - Huffington Post


May 8, 2006 ... Most people assume that germs and genes cause disease. ... But there is still a mystery surrounding why certain people get sick while others ...

6 Reasons Why You Keep Getting Sick & What To Do About It - Real ...


Jan 9, 2014 ... Many people I know, with & without small kids at home, expect to get sick several times a year. Every Autumn I watch my own Facebook ...

What Makes People Sick From Food | Brazos Health Department


People can get sick when the food they eat has harmful organisms. Harmful organisms cause food borne illness or food poisoning. Harmful organisms grow ...

23 Reasons Healthy People Get Sick - Radical Health


Initially, these energy reserves create rapid cycling, which is covered here: Pathogen Flushing - Part 2 This article covers many reasons why people stay in rapid ...

6 Reasons Some People Don't Get Sick | BlackDoctor


Dec 25, 2012 ... Are you secretly envious of your co-workers and friends who, like superheroes, never seem to suffer from illnesses like colds, the flu, heart ...

8 Ways You Could Be Making Your Cold Worse - Everyday Health


Most people have several colds a year that last a week or two. ... you're likely to get sick a few times a year or more, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Does cold weather cause colds? - CNN.com


Jan 7, 2014 ... It's a common perception that when the weather gets colder, we tend to get sick more. This is why we bundle up in warm clothes before facing ...

Why Some People Evade Colds And Others Don't : NPR


Feb 7, 2011 ... People who have built up immunity to common viruses are less likely to get sick. ... do some people get sick and others in similar environments don't? ... says it will be years before scientists know what really causes a cold.

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Why do we get sick? | HowStuffWorks


When you get sick, your illness can be caused by several different factors. ... Additionally, some people have weakened immune systems that make it harder for ...

How Do You Get Sick? Immune System Weakens Via Germs From ...


Apr 9, 2015 ... In Life Noggin's video “What Happens When We Get Sick? ... found 60 percent of people still show up to work sick, putting their co-workers at ... membrane to become infected and inflamed, which causes the body to respond ...

Why Do We Get Sick? - PainScience.com


Mar 12, 2015 ... And so, when we get sick, it probably means that, whatever we've been ... This may be why illness is so often described by people as a “wake ... A positive attitude does not cure cancer, any more than a negative one causes it.