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Oct 23, 2014 ... Though some gum discoloration is natural, other discoloration can be hazardous to your health and require serious attention. Find out the ...


Jul 21, 2016 ... If you have Smoker's Melanosis, your gums, cheeks, or palate may turn brown or black due to smoking or using drugs that contain nicotine.


Aug 29, 2016 ... If your gums are turning dark purple or black, or if you were born with ... an increase in melanin pigmentation (which causes darkened gums).


Healthy gums are firm and have a lovely pink colour. When there is evidence of gingivitis (gum ... Find out the real facts to lowering your blood pressure before it's too late. ... Some medicines, tricyclic antidepressants and antimalarials can also cause darkening of your gums ... Here are some reasons that gums turn black: 1.


If your gums appear dark or blackened, for example, this condition might be due to ... Since excessive sun exposure causes melanin in the skin to darken, it can ...


If you're not, chances are your gums will appear dark in a few years down the line ... Tobacco is not only harmful for your body, lungs, mouth and causes deadly ... Sometimes, our gums turn grayish because of the accidental implantation of the ...


May 14, 2015 ... A South Korean woman whose gums turned black was suffering from ... are often delayed because the cancer has no symptoms and is painless in ... Spotting the code 'SSSS' (pictured) on your boarding pass could throw a ..... viewers as Gemma leaves the fridge open... but then turns around to find it SHUT.


However, dark patches or spots on the gums can be more than just an unsightly occurrence. In some instances, your gums could turn black in color, as an ...

Oct 23, 2013 ... ... Watch and learn what caused a man's gums to turn black. Also, hear about National Brush Day and how you can keep your patie...