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Emotional detachment, in psychology, can mean two different things. Emotional detachment ... In this instance, the individual in question is often unable to cry, even if he or she wants to. In other...

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Apr 15, 2014 ... The inability to feel anything -- neither sadness nor anything else – is one ... profound sadness, often without an apparent cause, has screamed ...

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I seem to be unable to cry, I haven't cried for years, in most contexts this ... I feel like talking to people I know about it would cause them to treat ...

Can an inability to cry be a symptom of depression? - Quora


Inability to cry can be a symptom of depression, but it can also simultaneously be a cause of (or at least have a compounding effect) on depression. And not all ...

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According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of depression include feelings of ... Depression is a serious illness and symptoms, like an inability to cry, can be treated.

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Jul 11, 2013 ... What I do know is that by not crying, we get to give sadness, pain, sorrow, ... the inability to perform this simple rite, to execute one poorly coded ...

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Researchers are tracking people's crying episodes to determine the role culture plays in why we cry, measuring ... Biologically, there may be a reason women cry more than men: Testosterone may inhibit crying, while the .... The inability to cry.

Why Can't I Cry? How Resistance, Avoidance and Acting Out Thwart ...


To mind it feels as if opening the door one little crack will cause a giant tsunami to come crashing down, resulting in chaos and madness. Knowing how mind ...

How Anxiety Can Make You Cry For No Reason - Calm Clinic


Anxiety may not cause permanent depression, but the stress on your brain ... These people cry less, but they also are unable to experience any happiness or joy.

The woman who is unable to cry | Daily Mail Online


Apr 16, 2006 ... A mother-of-two who suffers from a rare medical condition which has caused her tear ducts to dry up has not been able to cry for three years.

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I have a friend who says he can't cry — are there medical conditions ...


Apr 16, 2007 ... Strong emotions cause our brains to release chemicals that indirectly ... Aside from a numbing form of depression, the inability to cry may be ...

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Mar 18, 2011 ... For the last year or so, I haven't been able to cry anymore. ... Symptoms can include dry and itchy eyes, dry mouth, dry skin, arthritis, and fatigue ...

I want to cry, but I'm unable to cry. How do I learn to cry? - Quora


Jul 16, 2015 ... The inability to not cry may be the result of severe depression. It flattens emotions ... The inability to cry may be caused by a rare affliction called Familial Dysautonomia (FD), or Riley-Day Syndrome. While someone with FD ...