Did you mean: What College Will accept Me If I Have My GED?
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How Does a GED Certificate Affect Going to College? | The ...


If you didn't finish high school, the General Educational Development test is the first step you'll need to take to become eligible for college. ... Most schools accept a GED certificate because it is considered a high school equivalent, but a few ...

Can You Go to College With a GED? | AIU


Feb 25, 2015 ... In order to pass the test, you'll need to demonstrate your knowledge in math, ... If you're looking at how to get into college with a GED, the good ...

High School Diploma vs. GED - Community College Review


All community colleges and almost all four-year institutions accept GEDs, and most ... If you get anything less than a regular high school diploma, you will be ...

Can I get into a good college with a GED? - Seventeen


Jun 19, 2008 ... Can I get in a decent college if I dropped out and got my GED?" ... assured that most colleges and universities will admit students with a GED.

Do you have to have a high school diploma or your GED if you want ...


Do you have to have a high school diploma or your GED if you want to go to college? ... I am currently on my 2nd semester I get financial aid, Im holging a 4.0 gpa since ... Most colleges will accept home-schooled students who have neither a ...

How To Go To College Without a High School Diploma - education


If you pass the test, you will then have a powerful document for helping you get into a college or ... I want to go to college and at the same time take my classes to get my g.e.d.. ... Can anyone help me with this or point me in the right direction?

POV: A Community College Journey: From GED to Ph.D.


May 27, 2013 ... I don't think anyone grows up aspiring to get a GED. ... or disgust, as if you are worse than the gum stuck to the bottom of their shoe. ... She tested me to see what classes I would need to take to prepare for my GED. ... Q: Do you have an inspirational story showing how community colleges can change lives?

Does having a GED rather than a high school diploma hurt your ...


If you're applying to a community college or a state school that has alternative testing ... My undergrad admitted me without any problems because I had a decent ACT score ... Many large colleges require you to have a high school diploma rather than a GED. If ... Do colleges accept a GED instead of a high school diploma?

I'm an international student. Should I take the SAT and GED to apply ...


Will admissions consider my application if I took the GED and don't have a high school diploma ... Do US colleges (the ones that accept GEDs) accept GEDs ( high school ... Based on what you have told me, it would be History, Science and PE ...

GED/HSED Frequently Asked Questions | Madison Area Technical ...


A. The GED is accepted by most employers, technical colleges and community colleges. Some employers ... Q. How long does it take to get my GED or HSED?

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Is the GED Enough to Get Me Into College? - LearningPath.org


In the past, students with a GED diploma have not shown the same skill sets and ... all community colleges accept applicants with a GED, and most four-year ... If you are applying to college with a GED, you can overcome these potential ... Show me all schools, Near my home, Online schools only, I want to choose a state.

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If you've been taking Study.com's courses to prepare for the GED, then soon you ... campus-based colleges and universities accept the GED as equivalent to a ... do so because of the new personal and professional opportunities it will create, but. ... Students must be at least 14 years old and have completed the 8th grade.

Do Colleges Look at High School Diploma vs. GED? | Education ...


A high school diploma can help you get into college. ... The GED Testing Service reports that 95 percent of colleges will accept a GED diploma, but this doesn't ...